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About HarryPalmer2067


My name is Harry Palmer. I'm an aspiring voice actor.

I have been acting and singing for my entire life.

Any business related inquiries should be messaged to me on here or emailed to me.


Aaron Gibson/Dr. Neyo Choi/Extras - ONI


Daniel Anderson/Extra - Ultimatum

Papyrus - Undertale Fan Dub The Riverperson's Warning (Part 1)

Papyrus (Canon) - Undertale Fan Dub The Riverperson's Warning (Part 2)

Gaster - Undertale Fan Dub The Riverperson's Warning (Part 2)

Sans - Undertale Fan Dub The Riverperson's Warning (Part 2)

Nathan Green/Lucas Grant/Patrokolos/Extra - L.I.E. 

Ashfur - Warriors Comic Dubs (https://youtu.be/5BxeieGExFQ)

Vocal Training - 2016

Vocal Training

Instructed by Alyssa Allgood

I received vocal lessons during high school alongside previous theatre and choir experience!

  • @hubcinema

    Works quickly, does good quality voice acting and has fast turnaround times. Would definitely recommend.

  • @thekikkakibaz

    Fast when delivering the lines, accepts very well criticism and he's a nice person who I like to work with.

  • @lucas-robb-gradeur

    Harry Palmer... wow. Honestly, one of the greatest, most devoted actors I have ever worked with. He moved as fast as lightning with his lines and always put forth 150% into his performances. No that is not a typo. Harry plays three main roles in 'Revolution', as well as has come in to portray extras. Harry takes criticism exceptionally well and always sends in his retakes immediately. The one thing I admire about him is his modesty as an actor. It is quite possibly his key to becoming a great voice actor. He is also incredibly supportive of any project he is involved with, to the point of trying to assist in any way possible, so that the project may succeed. Rarely would I dare say, but he's an actor that I wish I could make an exclusive to Mystic Wolf Productions. I have no doubt that one day he will become a truly amazing voice actor. He already makes me proud to say that I left the Machinima Community, as I could never find quality actors like him, that share his fire. For that I am extremely grateful to call him a fellow actor and a friend. Do cast this man for any project and I promise you, he will deliver.