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About skyward_flecha

Aspiring Voice Over Artist who would love to star in some work/projects and give it my best shot. I pick up quickly to any role, I take any feedback given back to me with generous consideration, and I am great with any direction that is needed for the part that I am playing. I am open to all ideas that a voice director can provide. I give 110% always! ;)

Demos & Samples

2018 Animation Voice Over Demo Reel

My Animation Demo reel consisting of different ranges, tones, and characters that I am capable of - but certainly not limited to - performing! ;)

2017 Commercial Voice Over Demo Reel

My Official Demo Reel for the Commercial Voice Over Industry!

  • @cashsonny

    I casted skyward for Lord Varys in my Game of Thrones Parody. He delivered me the lines in one take perfectly. His recordings sound professional and saved me time so I don't have to tinker with sound editing programs. A pleasure to work with.

  • @jonw

    He did a wonderful job both in quality and in providing what was asked for with the role he played. Would be happy to work with him in the future.