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About PocketTrouble!! (Comic Dubs, Ask videos and more.)

Explainer video explains stuff... *GASPS!!*

Okay so to start off, thank you for even bothering showing up to my casting call! Hopefully you'll like what you see here!

So long story short, I'm an artist that draws comics and stuff, mostly around the theme of Pokémon and I decided to give my comics, ask blogs and characters voices to call their own.
My comics usually revolve around a Trainer named Thwill (hEh! ThaT'S mY uSeRnaME!) that always ends up being turned into a Pokémon and how his Pokémon have to switch between their original forms and gijinkas to cover up for him.
It's typically slice of life and humor related for now but I'm already widening my horizon, this project being part of my plan.
As for the ask blogs well, that's self explanatory. My fans ask questions and the characters respond to them.

A fair warning though, 

this project is basically a "never-ending" one really until said otherwise, the same way long running soap-operas are still a thing or popular shonen anime can live a while. Since my comics rarely go over 3 pages long and asks posts can be as long as we need team to be, I'll never really require a huge block of lines on ridiculous deadlines so it should be manageable even with other projects.

Since I'm the one that'll be drawing the art and editing the vids (until I get myself an editor), the video posting speed obviously won't be anything to write home about for the time being which should give a decent enough margin to work with.
Once I cast you, you'll pretty much become the character. So I want to avoid recasts as much as possible. Nothing would be more immersion breaking than the same character changing voices every 3 comics, so please... don't partake on this journey if you can't commit. I beg of you ;v;


"About the Money?"

  • The pays listed are just for the initial casting until I get more of an earning thanks to my art and videos, hope you understand that I'm just a humble dude not made out of money.

"Is my Microphone Quality good enough?"
  • Clear and distinguishable voices with little to no echoing and noise, which typically goes USB mics and up, with exceptions of course. I know some built in mics can be pretty good.
  • I'll be pretty uncompromising on that considering I'll be taking money out of my very personal pockets to pay my actors.

"Why is there an empty role in the Casting Call"
  • This is just the initial line up! Other character should be up soon!
  • So it's just to give a heads up that there is more to come.

"Will I get paid more in the future?"
"How long is this project going to take?"
"How much commitment will I have to pour into this?"
  • You shouldn't audition just for the pay, but because you like voice acting and (or) see potential in this project to grow. This is really important because the payment will mainly depend on the success of the project. If you are not ready to a while without getting paid a bunch then... it pains me to say but please. leave. I can't promise success, but let's all have fun with this and see where the road take us!

"I've read through all the boring stuff, can the fun start now?!?"
  • Hahaha! Yeah! This was painful to type! Have fun auditioning to your heart's content and hope you get the role!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me.

Did I forget to mention something? Probably...
Guess I'll update it in later if it's important! Doodles~

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold