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    About - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - [March 16]

    After recently playing the trilogy on my 3DS I kept thinking "How fun would it be to do a dub of this?" so after a lot of consideration I decided to go ahead and do this project.I have been doing dubbing for 4 years now and have directed for a good 2 years. It has been awhile sense I have directed so I will be a little rusty BUT I am ready to get back into it. Anyway enough about myself and onto the project, I currently am only doing one case. But that may change depending on the team and the want to do the other cases. Even one episode of a dub is ALOT of hard work!Also I want everyone to have fun with this dub, I want it to be taken professionally as well. I am very open to talking to people about lines and parts and I am not afraid to start skype calls with everyone and rehearse the script. I am extremely excited to be doing this and I hope everything will go well.


    1.) Have a good mic! I cant not stress this enough! I do not want to hear any background noise in your mic, also beware of puffs and spikes. 

    2.) Be kind to everyone that is casted! Again can not stress enough! Please respect your fellow cast members and your director.

     3.) Stay in contact! This is key! When you audition for this project be aware that you may get the part which means you are dedicating yourself to this project. Please do not drop of the face of the earth. Be aware of deadlines and have good communication. (Like if you need more time please tell 3 days in advance from the deadline)

     4.) Use emotion! Emotion is key! (Excuse me as I chuckle at myself) But seriously don't forget to put your own spin on these characters. I want to see them come alive!

     5.) You MUST have a Skype! This makes it easier to get a hold of you along with an email. 

     6.) In the email tell me your username (VAA or youtube basically the name you want to be credited with) Along with who your auditioning for (Feel free to audition for more then one character)Also your Skype. 

    7.) name files as such Charactername_Username_Take#


    Turnabout Sisters : I decided to start with the second case in the game sense the first one is more of a tutorial then an actual trial.

    About the Creator: xstarlightmelodyx

    I have been voice acting for around for many years, I enjoy singing as well on my voice acting channel. 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold