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Pinkxri's Previously Completed Works

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About Part 0: A 2-D open world RPG (Programmer, writers, artists, and VAs needed!)

Welcome to Part 0, an open-world 2-D rpg! The story follows Ash and their friends as they solve mysteries surrounding their group and town, all while facing internal struggles of their own.

The project is, as said, going to be a 2-D open world rpg (kinda like a pokemon game, if you want a reference) following a group of 7 as they navigate their city's underworld and slowly unravel mysteries surrounding the underworld, and their own pasts. The group explores familial relationships, amnesia, travels, and crime, all while attempting to not get caught out by the very thing they are working towards.

The game is currently in development, and we are looking for staff to help out! We're looking for programmers, artists, voice actors, and writers. This is not currently a paid project, however, I will be setting up a kickstarter for this project once the game begins development, so payment will happen in the future.

For VAs, your audition lines can be found here, each character's lines are on different pages.

For writers, you'll be writing scripts and editing lines.

For composers, each character and map will need a theme, so if you can compose something that can be played on repeat, all the better!

For artists, the feel of the game will be edgy, and dark. We'll be needing character sprites, background art, and some animated effects on the backgrounds.

Additional notes: please include your discord name in your audition, as that is how we will be communicating.

Come join our official discord server for project updates, and chat about the project in general! Discord

About the Creator: pinkxri

Hey! I'm Kuri. Mostly a singer, but I also voice act, and do some writing and art on the side. I love singing with others, and participating in group projects with other people, especially when its a project I'm passionate about!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold