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Raichious Muffin's Previously Completed Works

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    About Origional motion comic - Raiden Legacy

    "The Promethian Gods decended upon the continent, granting the people the power to harness their own life energy.
    This came to be known as Raiden, named after the god who granted it.

    For centuries the League of Shaman kept the peace through their skilled warriors, known as mercenaries. They fought for a living and helped prevent both domestic desiputes by bringing criminals to justice, as well as war, rendering entire armies unconcious.

    However conflict has finally returned to the continent.
    The Ryulong Empire, desiring to impose its own brand of secruity to the other nations, as begun the process of anexing its neighbours into the greater Empire.
    Some countires fell, others joined willingly, while some are locked in brutal combat.

    Amidst it all, a pair of monks leave their home for the past 10 years to explore the nation of Huntren,
    unaware that the Empire is hot on their heels,
    and oblivious to the adventures ahead of them..."

    Or to put it simply,
    Brightly coloured teenagers punch dragon knights.

    First chapter is here to give you an idea of what the series is;

    Raiden Legacy is a comic series of my own creation, that I have decided to adapt for youtube in the form of visual comics.
    As such I'm looking for a cast.
    This is a long project, so be sure that you're ready to commit before auditioning. Even small parts are likely to return in some form or another.

    The series is an action/comedy (typical shonen style); i'm avoiding fanservice or sexual scenes unless they contribute to a joke in someway, and I'm limiting swearing for select occasions.
    So a fairly clean series, even if the fighting can get bloody.

    All voices are open to interpritation; I'd like to hear you try and make these characters your own.
    Accents aren't required, unless you feel like it adds something.
    Feel free to ablib your audition too, I'd love to see what you come up with.
    That goes for the main project itself too; I draw the comic myself and have no problem drawing additional panels if you can come up with something funny.

    The standard comic is on a weekly (or as close to weekly as I can get),
    however the video version has no schedual. I won't have a proper time frame until I start experimenting or can get someone to help with editing.
    This is a long term project, but I won't hold you to a set schedual. With that said if you hold the project back for long periods of time or can't record, please let me know if I should recast.
    This project is unpaid, though if I decide to do anything else with the characters I'm willing to pay the cast for larger projects. 
    If possible I'd like to organise Skype sessions to record as a group to help everyone intract with the other characters, hopefully to build some chemistry between the characters. But if you can't or if that's not your style, I'm fine with you uploading your files on your own.

    The first line is pretty much you're interpritation of the neural voice; simply stating the name and getting basic mannerisms down.
    I've cut down the description to just the personality (no need to talk about powers or stuff like that for the voice), with basic development to help you get a sense of where the character is going.
    None of these lines are part of the main script, though some are adapted from scenes.

    A good mic isn't a too big of a deal, but chances are I may lean more to a cleaner submission.
    The only real requirement is that you can record to a .wav file and are willing to be efficiant with your submissions.

    New character images will be added, as will new roles ona  regular basis.
    I'll cast most roles when I get around to the chapter they feature in, so don't be surprised if I get back to you several months after your audition.

    About the Creator: raichious muffin

    I'm a comic writter and artist, with a passion for film making and voice acting.
    I take a lot of inspiration from Anime and Manga, though my style of humour is derived more from shows like Scubs and Ed, Edd and Eddy.

    Currently creating a semi-weekly series called Raiden Legacy, as well as the occasional dumb video or strip.

    I'm also an experienced game and film critic, with my own series of videos on underated films like Indiana Jones 4 and the Matrix Sequels.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold