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    About Looking for Trailer Voices for Goblin Parody VN (1F 1M+)

    Auditions are now closed, I am in the process of contacting a few final people to read some extra lines to make the final decision.

    I'm looking for one male(or more) and one female to do character voice-overs for a short opening trailer for a visual novel.

    There are not many lines, since it is only going to be a short trailer. There is also the possible opportunity for future work if the VN becomes semi-voice acted (And possibly paid IF I do a kick-starter) but don't count on it. I'm also not fussed if the characters need to be recast if you don't want to do extra.

    The visual novel itself is Fantasy/Comedy/Romance, and parodies common tropes of RPG games and fantasy genre fiction. BUT before you go any further please be aware that this game contains male-male romance, and is tended to a predominantly female audience. I know some types of people may not be comfortable lending their voice to that kind of romance, but also please be aware that 1. The trailer will NOT contain this romance. and 2.The actual game will NOT be r18 at all.

    The premise of the game is, you play as a mercenary hired to escort a noble woman's son on a quest to a goblin den. Along the way, you find out that flirting with the goblins is just as viable an option as killing them.

    You can view a really early mockup for the first half of the trailer here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3bWgG_e8Fp2WXE4MmdsRGFsbkE/view?usp=sharing

    It's pretty much just black screen with text because most of the art hasn't been made yet, but pretty much everything that is currently black will have visuals in the end. You can expect the the final product to look like the first horse animation(completed) not the second animation (Still sketchy) This mockup is to mainly get a feel of how the lines fit in with the music. There are a few lines there that I didn't include in the audition lines, so if you want, feel free to try them too if you like them.

    The game will be released for free and is non-commercial, therefore there is unfortunately no monetary pay for the trailer, but in exchange for your help I would be happy to draw you a little something like a profile picture or make you some pixel art!

    Voices: I would ideally like these voices to suit a fantasy environment, therefore I don't think the typical urban/suburban american accent would suit the characters. Other american accents as well as non american are very welcome if you have one or think you can do them well! More details below in character descriptions.

    Note on characters: I'm planning on only using two characters in the trailer voices because I assume that I'll have a hard enough time just finding the main character, but I've also included a 'Misc' Role with some of the mother characters, if they get successful auditions then I will happily write them into the trailer.

    Please use a proper microphone. Not cellphones or laptops.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold