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About Link Vs ( A small side project )

This is a small side project i had been writing while i have been making my game Matona Warriors Of Lunderia.

Link Vs. follows the exploits of Link fighting opponents chosen by my friends on Skype and friends i know. 

"Sorry but the role of Link is already cast"

but the two other main characters are Callie and Marie of the squid Sisters who will  be the series hosts.

Now let's go over the characteristics of Callie and Marie

Callie is the Typical Fan girl who actually secretly likes Link but it's not revealed until season 2, so an all around bubbly kind of girl.

Next we have Marie, who although is the favorite out of the two she's a bit bitchy in my story and just want's to see Link lose mainly due to the fact his presence brings her nothing but a headache.  She eventually gets used to him for Callie's sake but she still hates him with a passion.

This series will consist of small of videos varying from 2 to 3 minutes which will be on YouTube and i aim to have a episode every fortnight so this will be a regular thing so far the only re-appearing characters  are Marie's Boyfriend Kiba Yuuto.  Mallow from Super Mario Rpg and Cloud Strife.  so I'll need a form of contact if you get cast for these roles

The series itself will be sprite based.

Also if you have a YouTube channel or a name please include it so i can credit you properly.

If you're chosen i need the lines asap as i want to make the episodes every fortnight.

The series won't begin production until all current roles are casted but  i will be sending scripts out to those i casted for the roles.

As of now I've have got two seasons written consisting of ten  4 minute episodes each and currently working n a third and fourth so it will be a long running thing.


1. No phone mics!

Sorry but i want this to have good quality audio, with minimal background noise.

2. Have fun

3. Be respectful of those that audition.

4. Portray yourself as the role (imitations are also ok)

5. Be creative (And if you want to improvise a funny extra line or two please do, I love creativity.)

one little extra bit voice actors/actresses involved will be able to request fighters for Link to fight  but they can only be from 2d games as I'm not used to 3d animation yet. 

(please note some of the obvious ones may already be scripted to appear so please pm me for more info on who's scheduled so far.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold