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    About Let's Read Genderstuck

    Homestuck may be over but my enthusiasm for it sure isn't! In a bout of nostalgia for larger-scale Homestuck projects, I'd like to revamp LET'S READ GENDERSTUCK! Please note that this is an incredibly long-term project that requires a buttload of commitment because HOMESTUCK IS SO LONG.

    WHAT'S LRGS?? : Basically, it's a dub of Homestuck, with all the characters genderbent!
    HOW MUCH OF IT IS GENDERBENT?: Names and pronouns are swapped. Certain classes are swapped. Panels may or may not be edited.

    HASN'T THIS BEEN DONE BEFORE?: Yes, I ran the original LRGS. Please don't accuse me of stealing ideas. THAT BEING SAID, I no longer have access to the LRGS tumblr so do NOT bombard them with asks about this :/
    Please redirect all tumblr asks to genderstuck.tumblr.com
    THIS ISN'T ALL THE CHARACTERS: I personally  find it easier to cast in batches, due to the sheer number of characters in Homestuck. Characters will become available as we get closer to their introduction. Act 1 and 2 are cast at the same time, meaning the Kids' Narrator, Beta Kids, Papasprite, and Wayward Vagabond. (CAST)
    Act 3 and Intermission: Karkit Vantas, Jane Noir/Spades Slick, Peregrine Mendicant, Kannin Maryam, Tavrin Nitram, Aimless Renegade, Clubs Deuce, Diamonds Droog, Hearts Boxcars (CAST)
    Act 4, Act 5: Arrone Megido, Sollyx Captor, Nepten Leijon, Terzen Pyrope, Viktor Serket, Equisa Zahhak, Gamzel Makara, Eriell Ampora, Fiyero Peixes, Troll Narrator (CAST)
    Act 6 Act 1: Jack Hines, Rory Lalonde, Jenn English, Dezi Strider
    Final Casting: Calliope, Caliborn (Calliope is evil, Caliborn is good) Domoro Megido, Rufiah Nitram, Mitula Captor, Kankia Vantas, Mewlon Leijon, Pallom Maryam, Latuna Pyrope, Aranio Serket, Hathor Zahhak, Kaizla Makara, Tethys Ampora, Maanah Peixes

    About the Creator: kaybee613

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