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    About Legacy Audio Drama All call [Multiple parts]

    Greetings voice actors,

    I have a project I’m working on and, you might have guessed it, I need voice actors.  I’m a writer that has dabbled in the world of sound engineering and would like to adapt one of my novellas into a light audio drama.  That means actors for each character, sound effects and ambiance for all the action, and light musical scoring.

    Long story short, I’m dyslexic, so aside from writing being an odd choice of career for me, audiobooks, audio drama, and everything audible instead of readable is something I cherish.  A writer now, I want to put back into that sphere of entertainment, furthermore, with something as impressive as possible.

    The novella is halfway between hard science fiction (a lot of math; I studied engineering and have hobbies in quantum, particle, and theoretical physics) and space western (it is heavily influenced by Outlaw Star, Redline, and Firefly).  It is also an attempt to breach multiple norms at once to better stand out: distinct presentation, high quality art and design (, and several other selling points (hence audio drama vs simple audio book).

    The characters break down as follows: Main (high percentage of total lines), Side (low percentage of total lines), or Cameo (~several lines) Characters, with Reoccurring (will appear again later in the series) or Singular (this novella only) roles.

    The whole recording will be approximately 4 hours completed, so I do not expect any roll will be more than a couple hours of recording for even the main characters and several characters with far, far less.  What I do expect, however, is for everyone to actually read the piece, though it is approximately 1/3 the length of a standard book so it won’t take long; I want people interested in the project, after all, not just exposure.

    As a preemptive warning, there is some adult material involved.  Initially, it is light and only includes a bit of adult themes and foul language, but this is a dark series with a lighter beginning.  That said, I have a writing philosophy that favors realism, but shuns gratuity, so that might lend perspective.  Think Saving Private Ryan vs the Saw series; gore in both, but one is contextually necessary, whereas the other favors shock value.  Just fair warning. 

    I cannot offer much at this point.  This is out of pocket, so I am only prepared to pay token fees: $50 for main characters, $25 for side characters, and $10 for cameos.  These numbers will go up as the budget grows and will be backed by royalties (I plan to make the first episode free later on as a marketing strategy, so that won’t always be relevant here [I’ll set up “back royalties” from future episodes to cover this one if things take off]), but for the time being, it is token.  What I can offer to partially offset this is right of first refusal for your characters in the future (and for anyone who does a non-reoccurring roll, right of first audition).  If you can think of any other perks or benefits that might benefit you, let me know; I try to be generous with what I have (for instance, I will have ads at the end of the novella for my artists).

    Also, if it isn't immediately obvious, this is an adaption from a novella, so there is a mixture of dialogue and narration for the main characters.  As such, in the three lines slots, I included a standalone line, dialogue with struck out context, and narration.  Hope that helps!

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold