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About Left of Center

[Jan 11/18] Left of Center has been discontinued.


Thank you so much for auditioning!
Cast has been finalized. Understudy/honourable mentions posted in the updates.

Due to personal issues of the cast VA, Klaus was recast to the understudy.

Hello CCC! My next project is a Ren'Py visual novel. All of the info can be found on this page:

[^ also includes images of different expressions for each line, how to pronounce Outré, etc.]

About Left of Center:

"Garrett Emmett is your a-bit-higher-than-average Sophomore in high school, but with his migraines only getting worse as he gets older, he decides to transfer to a "more organized and disciplined" private school. However, thanks to a mix-up in paper work, Garrett finds himself at Outré Academy, the wrong school, at the turn of the spring semester; it wouldn't be so bad if everyone wasn't half-crazy and bending the conventional rules left and right. But hey! At least things are exciting around here.
He takes a week to figure out whether he wants to stay at this school or not. A lot can happen during that time, you know."

Most important information:

No main roles will be cast until after April 18, 2017. Minor roles may be cast before this date. The current deadline will continue to be extended until then.

  • -Anyone can audition for any role(s).
  • -Good mic with minimal background noise. USB is OK. Unfortunately, a bad mic will hurt your chances.
  • -Some form of contact (preferably email, Skype, or Discord).
  • -I can only offer the experience. This would be a project I work on in my free time.
  • -Deadlines: Want to finish this sometime this year; I do not want to drag out any project for too long. There may end up being three videos, one for each path, and so certain lines may be due at different times. As long as you think you can voice all of the lines (see line count) within the year, you'll be fine. But I’m also flexible when it comes to deadlines. If something comes up, please keep in touch with me.
  • -Content to note: Some swearing (G-Force and Santa especially, Rita and Jazz a little).
  • -Content to note: There is some Boy/Boy content in Santa’s events. Nothing explicit/NOT an 18+ game.
  • -Try your best and have fun!

  • Garrett = G-Force : It's Over 900
  • Klaus = Santa : ~210
  • Pia = Pollyanna : ~200
  • (Lovely) Rita : ~140
  • Dr. James Han = Jazz (Hands) : ~120
  • Random Male Classmate : 18
  • Random Female Classmate : 14
  • Mean Male Classmate: 8
  • Office Worker : 7
  • Band Member : 2

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold