(FINAL DAY TO AUDITION!) JigglyJai's Character Elimination Competition! (Fictional Multiverse Crossover Voice Acting Impression Project)

Project Overview

(Official Deadline in early July. I will update this once I decide when in early July the deadline exactly shall be.)

(All you need for this fictional crossover competition project is a decent-sounding microphone. By desktop or phone, it doesn't matter, as long as there's little to no background noise, no mic popping, and no static when you audition. A Discord Account for contact is recommended, but not required, as I can contact you here on the Casting Call Club website if you'd like, Discord is just more of an easier reach. Good luck auditioning, and if you get cast for a role, be prepared to possibly stick around for future projects! Enjoy, Future Jigglypuff Lovers!)

(This is an impression project, where you can audition using ANY character voice you choose! With the power in your hands, you can use any character voice you choose that you want to see compete in this fictional character competition!)

(Don't worry about being too late to audition, as the deadline set isn't official. Once I set up an official deadline, I'll change the title and give out the deadline warning.)

Ladies and gentlemen, realistic humans and cartoony critters of all sorts! Welcome to my first-ever Character Elimination Series! 30 characters from TV shows, movies, video games, and more in the fictional universe battle it out with each other to win a mega-bucks grand prize! Whether it's obstacle courses, building challenges, or even karaoke, all our characters want to do whatever it takes to be the only winner and avoid being one of the 29 contestants eliminated! In this series, 15 characters start off in a team led by one lucky character, while the other 15 start in another big team captained by another lucky character! Once half of the contestants get voted out, the merge starts, which is every character for themselves now! After the teams split, some challenges will have some characters either working together in a random group against another or fighting to stay safe all on their own. Once 29 contestants get voted out and sent home, the character in 1st place wins the grand mega-bucks character elimination trophy!

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Latest Updates

  • The Cast has been Filled!

    Here are the lucky 30 characters who will be participating in my first ever Character Elimination season! To the ones who auditioned, but didn't get their characters in, don't worry! I have even got some of your characters scheduled for NEXT planned season! Also, there will be no troublemakers this season, as there wasn't enough requests for them when auditioning. Here's the roster of the 1st season of my Character Elimination!

    Firstly, even though I love cute characters, even the freaky and bizzare ones are welcome to compete for the $1000 mega buck$! Here are the first 15 team member characters.

    (The Demon Slayers)
    JamCat as Inosuke from Demon Slayer (Team Captain)
    Yonko_Ronn_VA as Akaza from Demon Slayer
    CasterVa as the wisecracking zombie Beetlejuice, fresh from the grave!
    YorbasFett as Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid
    Azakaela as Rick from Rick and Morty
    Schmarringer as JFK from Clone High
    Spadeari as Panty from Panty and Stocking with Gartelbelt
    Sakumi Saiko as Niffty from Hazbin Hotel (Offsite Audition)
    Wolfeallen0 as Dr. Zoidberg from Futerama and Waluigi from Super Mario
    Evana as Ocean Rosenberg from Ride the Cyclone
    Tahlia Rae as Willow from Owl House
    Wysteria as Tracer from Overwatch
    Bautista Napal as Luke Skywalker, everybody's favorite former young padawan!
    And Kyle Peterson as Baldi, everybody's favorite strict bald teacher!

    (The Speedy Superstars)

    Alex_Wood as Sonic The Hedgehog (Team Captain)
    Twitch as Knuckles the Echidna
    Andy Snoopy as Luigi from Super Mario and Edward from Thomas & Friends!
    Jamil Sierra as Spider-Man
    Bautista Napal as Ben Tennyson A.K.A. Ben 10
    LouisVO as Stitch from Lilo and Stitch
    Azakaela as Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants
    Japanimationgirl as Pikachu from Pokemon and Gatomon from Digimon (Offsite Audition)
    Sakumi Saiko as Fluttershy from My Little Pony (Offsite Audition)
    David-Near as Peter Griffin from Family Guy
    Thomas Hermsen as Hank Hill from King of the Hill
    MechaKirbs as Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron
    And Reioko as Airi Momoi from Hatsune Miku Project Sekai!

    Congratulations to all of you! Here's my Discord Friend Code!


Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Character Voices

In this project, you can audition with an impression of ANY fictional character voice you choose, ranging from cartoons, video games, movies, live-action characters, and more ranging in the fictional universe! Anything goes in this character crossover casting call! Characters ranging from child age to senior age can compete! You can audition for any character you enjoy impersonating or one that you can do a similar or identical voice to! You can audition using the voices of MANY characters you want. I will give you unlimited power. I have 30 slots of characters to fill in, and if you're lucky, I might not just cast you as one character added into the competition, but TWO! Feel free to audition using the voice of any character you want to see compete in this competition! The choice is completely up to you! Please let me know in the audition description who you're voicing. And you can even give yourself your own voice take or headcanon to characters who can speak, but don't have a voice, like in the R.P.G. or older handheld games, (Paper Mario for example) or undubbed shows like Japanese Anime, and you can even impersonate a character who doesn't speak, but can communicate with vocalizations or a made up language! (Like Mangey Tails or a Pokemon or Ling Ling’s made-up Japorean language for example) If you want to, you can even request the character you voice to be a troublemaker.  While most of the characters are willing to stay serious and focus on winning the trophy, these troublemakers are more focused on causing mischief and mayhem... Their shenanigans cause them to get sent home early with voting penalties, sort of like in the Total Drama series. I suggest that the troublemaker role is given to a commonly disliked character, or any villain or antagonist as long as that villain or antagonist isn't too popular or liked.

  • english
Voice description:
  • child
  • female child
  • female teen
  • male senior
  • male teen
  • male young adult
  • animation/character
  • voice match
  • female adult
  • male adult
  • male child
  • creature
  • female senior
  • female young adult
  • monster
  • *Say anything you want to say in the character you're voicing as, whether it's lines from existing sources, or completely improved on the spot! With the characters that cannot speak, but can do vocalizations, you can make the vocal sounds of that character in many emotions for about 15 seconds or more.*

  • (Bonus)*Just for fun, if you want to, the character you're voicing as can tell us why they applied to be in this character elimination competition. What are they going to use the grand mega bucks prize money for? Who are the characters going to do their very best for? Are they competing for their friends back in their homeland for instance?

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Igglybuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff Pokémon Officials
cast offsite

Of course, what would a lover of cute Pokemon host without his top 3 favorite Balloon Pokemon by his side, supporting all of the challenges? My smart and intelligent Igglybuffs, Jigglypuffs, and Wigglytuffs will either be part of the challenges or be the umpires, referees and officials calling the shots and making the right decisions! You can choose to audition for an Igglybuff, Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff, or you can audition for two, or all of them together! 

(Character Thumbnail Artwork made by KIDif) 

(For my three favorite Balloon Pokemon voices, I'm looking for someone who can do an Igglybuff, Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff voice that sounds similar or identical to the voices in the anime and video games. Here are some voice clips for reference!)  https://youtu.be/5vgUJeSeDMA  https://youtu.be/vZyCt3C7Z3Y  https://www.youtube.com/shorts/XscihRxBcG4?feature=share https://youtu.be/nyrWAHlqrOE https://youtu.be/oDe03CqqbkE https://youtu.be/bgcR5NihVNw

Voice description:
  • pokemon
  • baby
  • creature
  • voice match
  • female young adult
  • animation/character
  • female child
  • *Make any Igglybuff noises in any emotion for about 15 seconds or more*

  • *Make any Jigglypuff noises in any emotion for about 15 seconds or more*

  • *Make any Wigglytuff noises in any emotion for about 15 seconds or more*


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