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About david-near

I have been voice acting for over a decade now on my Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/@DavidNearVoiceActor where I've gained 250K subscribers so far.

I've done everything from Creepypasta and horror, to comic book characters, to video game and movie impressions. I specialize in deeper, more sinister voices, but I can do higher voices that may be more eccentric or light-hearted. Some of the voices I've done include:
Peter Griffin
Snake (From Metal Gear Solid)
Jigsaw (From Saw)
Various Creepypasta characters
Freddy Krueger
Also... Wolverine (Lugan)
The Babadook
The Crooked Man
Freaky Fred
Various SCP characters
Characters from Outlast, Mortal Kombat, Star Wars and more

I've done many more characters, but this may give you an example of the kind of voice you could expect from me.

  • @chazz-ravenelle

    David Near is an extremely versatile voice actor who delivers professional quality audio and realistic performances. The guy can do a broad range of voice and character types. Whether it's an impression you need or a completely new voice to breathe life into an original character, David is the man for the job. Take it from me and his literal thousands of fans on youtube!

  • @nick-cortez

    Chances are you know someone who is completely driven and absolutely creative. However, you would still be at a loss for not knowing THE David Near. I on the other hand have been lucky enough to have him as my friend and collaborator for many years now. He outshines when he is needed to and disappears into any role you throw at him. In all the years of watching him he has never given up. In fact, he doubles down and proves a point he is a force to be reckoned with. When you are casting an actor you are not buying their time, you are buying their talent. Hiring David alone is doing yourself a favor, that when his name is mentioned you can be proud to have been a part of his legacy! Do-it-now!