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Madison Rosipal's Previously Completed Works

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About Initiate (An Original AudioDrama)

Initiate is a sci-fi fantasy story about a world where a popular game by the same name has come to dominate society. Initiate is a futuristic game similar to things like world of warcraft or league of legends where people begin with the same basic equipment, but with time can acquire much stronger pieces to create an avatar of their own. The way the game works is everyone in this universe has a holo-keycard that contains information about themselves and can also serve as a credit card, driver license, and a profile for Initiate, whenever they want to start a game of initiate, they hold out their card and yell "Initiate". When the game begins, the people who are playing become their avatars; their equipment appears and their bodies change based on the parameters they have already set on their holo-keycards. They then battle using whatever they can. The loser then has money deducted from his account and transferred over to the winner. At first, people wrote off Initiate as another fad, something that only kids would play and get bored of in a month, but then people began to realize that it was an easy way to make a quick buck. Soon the game was everywhere, training stations popped up, minigames opened around towns, underground fighting rings began. For some, it became a way of life, still many chose to stay out of it, equating it to be nothing more than dogfights and gang wars. 

The main focus of the story is on a young man named Jeremiah Cook. As a child, Jeremiah looked up to and idolized his father, a decorated war veteran who served as a member of the national guard while he was home. His father always looked down on Initiate, since he often had to interfere with turf wars between rival gangs that tended to get bloody. Things were good for Jeremiah until his father died in a head-on collision with a drunk driver.  After that, his world fell apart. His mother had to take a second job to try to take of him and his baby sister, but it still wasn't enough, so Jeremiah, once he was old enough, dropped out of school and sought money by playing Initiate. 

I'm not super confident on this one, but if anyone would like to help make it a thing then I'd be happy to. 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold