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Video Editing 101
Our video editing course is here! Whether you want to improve hobby videos on Youtube or take the first step towards becoming a documentary filmmaker, this course will set you up with the knowledge and technical skills to continue exploring.

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    About Homestuck: A Recap


    This project is about a post-sburb commentary of what happened.
    In this project, the character you voice for will be doing a monologue answering the following questions:

    What happened that affected you the most?
    What do you regret doing/not doing?
    What people impacted you the most?
    What happened...?
    How did Sburb change you as a person?
    What was Sburb to you?

    In celebration of a year since the end of our favorite web comic, Im calling for voice actors to join me in this project to rekindle some old feels and create a fun and heartwarming ending to a beloved comic! It will be comedic, sad, and all the fun stuff in between! Any questions? Contact me! 


    1. You MUST be over 14 unless approved by me personally.
    2. Your mic quality should be decent.
    3. Please do not dwell on headcanon stuff if casted (aka ships, drama, race..)
    4. Any headcanon voice is acceptable!
    5. Please respect other auditions and have fun!
    6. Feel free to add lines or even sing!
    7. Must have either skype or discord.

    The project will be posted on my youtube channel!

    Here's some basic rules youll be expected to follow once you are accepted:
    1. Any recordings of just yourself or your character with other voice actors must be completely in character. Completely serious biz. Although the comic IS indeed goofy and weird at times, I know how the fandom can be. The conversations you have must be about everything that happened in the comic/in the snapchats. Nothing fanon, nothing outside of that!

    2. Any drama that happens to start in the chat will get you removed as who you play. I know this is for fun, but since I run lots of ask blogs and I see discourse happening every day, I’m really not looking forward to it happening in our project. This is a safe place and please do not shitpost too often, since I know some of us are friends.

    3. You have the independence to create all of your own scripts. The recordings I post will start with individual characters answering questions, and the second part everyone will be in groups. Heres some examples: Dave rose john and jade talking in one, dirk, roxy, jane, and jake in another, and you can record one separately with just dave and dirk, dave and john, rose and kanaya, go nuts, record with whoever you please! BUT, I’d appreciate if you sent your scripts for these recordings to be before you complete them!

    4. Record as much as you please. I expect things of this sort: Kanaya and Rose talking about their wedding, the kids talking about their friendship before and after the game, the carapaces living their dreams, and anyone who did "bad" aka people like Gamzee, Eridan, and Jack Noir and so ooooon, explaining themselves and what they would/wouldn't change.

    5. Now, if your character had a past relationship with another and your character is open about it, you’re allowed to discuss it. But when I say you can’t keep it to headcanon, I mean don't be in character saying "yeah I was in a relationship with Sollux but wow was John Egbert hot." Please keep it completely solidly canon.

    I know that's a lot to read but I’m very strong about keeping the recordings true. The only thing headcanon are your amazing voices!

    Consider the interacting as a reunion kind of thing. Also, all the interactions will be through a voice call, which means a voice call for us, and our characters, since everyone’s in different places or prolly dead so the interactions will start with a "calling" noise.


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold
    New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.

    New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.