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Break-ups suck, so what's a better way to recover from it than playing video games with friends? But after four friends ends up playing a cursed video game, they realize that the characters they picked in their game came to the real world! How are they supposed to beat the game of life when life's already the hardest game there is?

Genre: Comedy, (BL?) Romance
WARNINGS: Language, Suggestive Language and References
Project Type: Comic/Motion Comic

There's not much detail to the plot here because I'm actually planning on using the pages that I have done and colored as a test demo for animating for a bigger project. Not to mention for comic dubs in general! Perhaps if there is a kind of popularity behind the test animation and sequence though, it might be a continued project? Possibly! There's already a script and outline for it planned. For now though, it'd be awesome if you could help me out in figuring out the editing process for my future projects~

When it comes to this particular audition, don't hesitate to go over-the-top with some emotions! Some of the panels are wild in terms of dialogue and moments, so think of it almost like you're voicing a cartoon. It's a fun silly adventure, so don't be afraid to be fun and silly when voicing too!

For a better shot of character references as well as how the project will look in terms of art, check out the sample folder HERE!

AUDITION DEADLINE:: April 13th, 2019

The Notes For You::

- Have as clear of microphone quality as you can as you audition and go for this project. Because the less editing on my end, the more delightful that would be!
- Don't hesitate to do multiple tones and takes on a specific audition! It's why I have my e-mail for you, just in case you have more files to submit.
- It'd be dope if you had a Discord to keep in touch on vocal directions, but it's not required!
- This isn't a paid project, unfortunately. But I can offer stuff in return! I draw, I write, I edit, etc. So just let me know if there's anything I can do to help you guys out too.
- None as of yet! I'll jot down more things and answer questions for whatever you need!

SHERIDAN EDMONTON -- Age 26. Gender-Fluid. Currently a college student going for a degree in theatre costume design and the eldest in the group of idiots. They have a bit of trouble coping with their anger issues, and harbor a strong sense of insecurity about their appearance. But nevertheless, Sheridan does have a kind heart. It's just often shown as a tough love kind of attitude, earning them the nickname Ice Queen.

MIKKELIS BJORGENSON -- AKA Kelis. Age 23. Male. A social media network promoter, who knows a bit about everyone and everyone to be really scary at the same time. He's a nice guy, but he's cunning and sly to the point of deviousness hidden behind his smile. He coaxes people into doing work for him alot, secretly hiding his procrastinating side, but he's the go-to guy for when you need advice and wisdom.

TRENTON MYERS -- AKA Trent. Age 24. Male. Childhood friends with Kelis who currently takes on part-time jobs in acting. He's snarky to all hell, and it annoys Sheridan to no end, but he doesn't mean it in a bad or malicious way. He's just kind of a jerk because he has issues making connections with people. But he tries his best to offer emotional support to his roommate, Liam, even though he thinks it's just Liam overreacting.

LIAM BERK -- Age 21. Male. The youngest of the group of idiots and a student studying as a computer science major. He's awkward and shy due to his crazy sense of social anxiety and over-reacting, but he opens up alot amongst his group of friends still. He's the mom-friend and worries about the others alot. But despite his sheepish outer appearance, he's actually got a darker side to him if you make him angry.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold