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About Haxor - WEBTOON DUB

The internet has been replaced by The Frame, a hyper-fast network of instant connection and accessibility. There's no way that'll go wrong, right?

Walter Ostlie, the creator of Haxor, has given me direct permission to create this dub and post it to my Youtube Channel. I wanted to do this both because I loved the story and I need practise in making things like this for future projects! This project does have a few innuendos and a few words such that could be considered swear words. Like the other word for donkey.

The roles needed is a grand total of 27.20m and 7f. Which will be cast ON the deadline. No earlier, no later! 

I ask that you attach your discord # with your audition when you are cast, I will invite you to the discord and assign you a role with the name of your character, from there, we will work in portions to complete each episode individually, before finally editing them together and posting it to youtube. I will make sure to @ you whenever you are needed for lines and I will give you an entire week deadline per episode, though if you need an extension, just let me know.

Iso: Eye-so
Tensor: Ten-soar
IFSA: If-sah

If you have any questions, just ask!

About the Creator: captaincat017_


Hello all, my name is CaptainCat017 or Cat for short. I'm a Scottish content creator/voice actor/writer.

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