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Mastermind Ritsu's Previously Completed Works

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About Have You Ever Wanted to Hear YOUR Voice in a Vocaloid Synth?

VOCALOID is a program where the user can literally play the human voice as an instrument. This phenomenal program has introduced thousands to music and lead to many great songs, concerts, and a large community of those whom appreciate this monumental development in technology. The most famous VOCALOID, Hatsune Miku, of which you have probably heard of, has millions of fans - despite not being real. But her robotic voice still charms people all around the world. Perhaps you have listened to several VOCALOID songs yourself and longed for your voice to be a VOCALOID as well. Wouldn't that be amazing?

Well, I'm here to make that a possibility!

There is a free program that is often considered the sister of VOCALOID, UTAU (which translates to sing in Japanese), which allows the user to create their own "VOCALOID" in the program and program to make it sing songs. I am an avid user of this program and I have used it to create many virtual singers, including Spongebob Squarepants, Danny Devito, and Donald Trump! Perhaps you've actually seen some of my material on Soundcloud or fan videos people make, ahah!


Why are you doing this project?

I'm making this to give back to the community, to those who love VOCALOID and UTAU, and to those whom are truly curious of how they would sound to be a virtual singer themselves! The video included at the top is an example of how wonderful UTAU can sound from the famous VOCALOID and UTAU user, Kyaami!

Can I get my synthesized voice bank once you're done programming it?

I will absolutely give you the voice bank that I have made of your voice to you when I have finished programming it into UTAU! If you want, I can totally teach you how to even use the program! I absolutely love showing people how amazing UTAU is! UTAU runs on both Mac and Windows, so I'm certain everyone can use the program if they want to!! Once I'm done programming it, its yours to keep. You can distribute it to the community where people can download it and make it sing, you can design an avatar to represent your voice, you can make your voice cover songs you want and duet with it, the possibilities are endless!

Are you intending to make profit off of this?

THIS IS A NON PROFIT PROJECT, I just want to make people happy and make music for free!

What languages can my UTAU sing in?

As of now, I am only focusing on making voices for the Japanese language as they have the most songs programmed for UTAU, and they're the fastest to record! I am expanding to English and other languages, most certainly, and rewriting an already existing English recording list to make it easier for new users for UTAU! 

Do I have to speak Japanese to be able to voice an UTAU?

You actually don't need to! For example, I don't know how to fluently speak the language, however, that doesn't stop me from voicing the sounds required to compose an UTAU voicebank! I have also made voices of non Japanese speakers like Donald Trump and Spongebob Squarepants, so don't worry!!

What can I expect my UTAU to sound like compared to my own voice?

Here is an example. This is my raw, unedited voice singing a short snippet of a song:

I recorded the necessary sounds, however, and plugged them into UTAU to get this result of my own voice singing back to me in a different language!

Isn't it amazing?? It sounds just like me! And I bet your possible UTAU will surprise you in the same way!


  1. You must have a decent microphone so the voice can be of good quality! 

  2. Just slap down your sweet, sweet example of your voice in the audition submission below! You can speak, sing, or do whatever you want to! 

  3. Once I see your submission, I'll DM you the required sound list and show you how to record properly for the UTAU voicebank!

I WILL MAKE MORE THAN ONE UTAU BANK OF YOUR VOICE IF YOU WANT!! There are many types of voices you can record! You can make a powerful voice, a quiet voice, an opera voice, and so many more in UTAU! I am happy to make multiple voices for you!!


  1. I'm literally going to make a virtual voice of anyone that wants me to, any voice type is welcome! 
  2. (Personally I'd love some deep females and male voices, I'd KILL to see a bass male voice ahah)

  3. I hope that this project peaks your interest, and I hope you have a good day, fellow voice actor, singer, and reader!

If you need to contact me, my Discord is YoshikageFuckwad#0276. I am always open to questions, concerns, and conversations!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold