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Good day! I'm Nikoro Aya.

Although I might not be a formal voice actor, my hobby is being an artist, I animate, create digital Illustrations and characters and I love to gain more experience as I go along! I'm formally educated in the field of Arts and Design but I learned animation through personal experience. Sign me up for any project, I would LOVE to be in it :D 


Deviantart, it's where I post all of my cartoon works:

Youtube, my sole purpose of existing owo :

Instagram, this is where I post a most of the time and I'm more active there^^:


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  • @smokyquartzzz

    I met with Nikoro years ago when we were doing a Hamilton project, which sadly got cancelled. I then reached out to her years later, asking if she wanted to be an artist on a project I was a part of. She was immediately on board with it. Also, she seems like she's always got something under her belt, and is always working towards a goal. She asked me to provide voices for a separate project she was doing, and throughout the entirety of knowing her and working with her, she was always so sweet, patient, encouraging, and funny :)