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Komodo Sumatra's Previously Completed Works

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    About Griseo Dextra - Welcome To Rosora Bay

    Welcome To Rosora Bay

    Griseo Dextra is a Dating Sim/Visual Novel set in a modern/fantasy setting. The Player has begun attending college in Rosora Bay. The small seaside city is known for its tourist attractions, lively atmosphere, and lenient magic restrictions. Rosora Bay is considered a safe haven for those who wish to escape the drudgery of the neighboring city, Tessal, whose citizens suffer from oppression and unappreciated toil. The college itself has low funding and operates from within the building of an old high school due to its poor budget. Rosora Bay seemingly dedicates its finances towards attractions, resorts, and celebrations while businesses of necessity struggle under poverty-stricken conditions. The fraternity, Griseo Dextra, is well-known for financing the school through their own approaches such as gathering donations, hosting fundraisers, and ‘other questionable methods’. The Player gets shoehorned into joining their sketchy faction while getting to know the romanceable options. During this process, they discover what goes on behind the scenes as they become involved with these generous benefactors.

    Casting Agreement

    If selected for a role, you agree not to discuss plot details or character document contents with anyone other than the game’s staff without permission from the creator. Audio provided for Griseo Dextra will be used towards all media related to the game. Further discussion regarding deadlines, credit inclusion, payment, complementary merchandise, and the game itself will take place after exchanging various forms of direct communication. (Example: Discord, Skype, etc.)


    • Audio Settings/Quality: Record tracks in a mono .wav format at 44100 Hz. It is a requirement that background noise is minimal to none and vocal clarity is audible. Be mindful of echoing, muffled words, puffs, pops, mouth clicks, clipping, and interferences.

    • Lines: Record 1-3 takes of each line for the character you are auditioning for. All finished lines for a single character must be in the same file. If you are auditioning for more than one character, create a separate track for each one.

    Audition Deadline

    The deadline for submission is 12:00 AM Pacific Standard Time on December 1st, 2018.

    The Final Cast will be announced on December 15th, 2018.

     Payment & Merchandise

    Griseo Dextra is a Non-Union original/independent creation.

    The rate is $25.00 for 50 lines per character through PayPal. If additional lines are required, you will be compensated accordingly (this does not include re-do’s, corrections, etc.). Payment is distributed after the creator approves of the finalized lines. They will also receive a copy of the completed game. Complementary stickers, buttons, magnets, and etc. are also given to those who are selected for a role as thanks by the game’s staff and supporters.

    Available Roles

    Four Male Characters are available for audition submissions.

    Griseo Dextra contains violence, implied sexual/suggestive themes, crude humor, blood, drugs, simulated gambling, death, and strong language. There is no X-Rated Nudity or heavy dirty talk portrayed by the Voice Over Artist. The audition lines are as saucy as it gets!

    ***See Below For Audition Lines***

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold