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Hello, my name is Steven, and on YouTube I'm known as Hype VoiceActing (it's suppose to be HyperVoiceActing but YouTube was changing their channel setup at the time). I've been doing voice work ever since 2013, providing voicework in comic dubs, fandubs, and recently provided voice work for original games and visual novels, some of them now available on Steam. I'd like to consider myself a polite, likable person who's easy to work with, and am more than willing to fix and improve whatever faults are pointed out in my work.


I have now re-opened my PayPal so I'm up for paying gigs.

Click this link for my prices:



"Auburn Sunset has a cast of over 30 fully-voiced characters. For a volunteer project, this was a huge number of voice actors to handle. Fortunately, Steven was one of the few in the group who was a pleasure to work with. He fulfilled his role as Levente Chasseur competently, using his deeper voice range to play the grumpy and exasperated vampire hunter. When all the actors were given a 6-month deadline for recording, he turned in his lines within the first few weeks. I could contact him easily to ask for additional takes, and he was always happy to get them done as soon as possible."
-Ann N., SamuraiFlame Productions

"Steven is one of the most versatile and talented voice actors we have worked with. His ability to interpret the material, embody the characters, and deliver an impactful performance increased the production value of our project. He is professional, easy to work with and a joy to work with."
-Yin White, White Guardian Studios

"Steven is really easy to work with, and has a wide vocal range. I always get his lines in a timely fashion, and am always happy with the quality of acting and tone. He's always willing to help out the project in any way he can, and I've never had a problem with him missing a deadline. I've had him play both a deeper, more menacing character, and a more streetwise thug character, and he executed both roles perfectly."

-Crystal Dennis, Terris Magic Creator and Producer

"Working with Steven was an amazing experience. I would totally recommend him, and I look forward to work with him again in future projects"
-Francisco Sáenz, Reversion Director

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