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About Fallout Adventures Season 1 Episode 1

Hello and welcome to this casting call for Fallout Adventures Season 1 Episode 1. This isn't your typical Fallout series with swearing, crude humor, or whatnot. This is a fan-made, slightly appropriate, Fallout Animation series that I am looking to put on YouTube. About a good portion of 2 or 3 minor or supporting characters along with extras won't be continuing long. Extras like groups, might depending on actor schedule.

Details on project:
Fallout Adventures is a fan-made project I've been working on by myself for a little over a year now, and ended up constantly resulting in me trying to self-perform all my characters, and some official canon characters. I am unable to keep track of all the characters on my own and basically need the help. 
The project will focus on 4 different seasons, but for animation, timing, and depending on actors' schedules, one season will be worked on at at time. Also we'll focus on just season 1, so in case if this series doesn't see past either Episode 1, or things come along that hinder the series ending sooner than planned.

Project Information:
Season 1 of Fallout Adventures takes place 3 years after the events of Fallout New Vegas (side-note: the events are after my play-through of the game). Rick Spipher (Spy-Fer), leaves his home of Vault-102 after he is forced out by his father to explore and see the world of the Wasteland for his self. Along the way, he meets and befriends a 234 year old Ghoul named Carlos Cortez, a Super Mutant lost from the Capital Wasteland named Grimlock, and a courier named Aron Nesral (Side-note 2= I star as Aron, he is no copy of the canon Courier Six).

During the events of Season 1, Rick, Carlos, Grimlock, and Aron go to the fictitious settlement of New Evo-City in post-war Nevada, and help an ex-US Army sergeant named Edwin Anderson against a band of raiders called the Rad-Rock Raiders lead by a 227 year old Ghoul named Amos. At the same time, a Brotherhood of Steel chapter from the Central area of the Wasteland returns to try and establish control of the Mojave.

Deadlines and Project productivity time-frame:
I have right now the deadline for gathering actors for sometime in January. I'll get the script to everyone who lands a role as soon as all roles are filled, then the actual voice recording will happen after everyone feels ready and knows their lines. I'm hoping the episode of Fallout Adventures will release by hopefully late October to early November or Thanksgiving 2018 the latest. Season 1 will have at least 5-7 episodes ranging from at least 20-30 minutes, (this project being the first episode). The categories for this season with genre is a mixture of Science-Fiction with action, drama, light-comedy, and suspense.

Personal Message:
This is a fresh start of the series, hasn't been on YouTube, but I hope someday that will change. Just a heads up though, this series dwells around events and sometimes involves characters from the actual Fallout canonical timeline. But I'm an amateur animator and not some big time animation studio. If you are interested in a part, please leave an audition for the character you wish to voice, and if selected, I'll message you the full script. Hope to work with those who get their parts and that are interested.

Also, I don't have a preference on who auditions for the parts. If you know the Fallout Lore and such like that, great. If not, who cares? This is acting, and there's even learning experiences in acting.

About the Creator: WildGamer1996

I am a 22 year old amateur voice actor and animator. I have done school projects in the past, and have typically done in home projects before with either just myself, or friends. I can range my voice from many different vocal accents like basic English, to British, to Irish, and Russian. I can only do male roles ranging from teenager to middle aged. I also sing and write my own music as well, so if you need any musical pieces to your project, I'll be willing to give you the best I can to your best satisfaction.

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