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About Falling Son: A Pokemon Zeta Nuzlocke

Greetings!  I'm here because I'm ready to start up my brand new Youtube Series, "Falling Son," since I've hit the audio portion of the first episode!

What is "Falling Son?"
"Falling Son" is a Pokemon Zeta nuzlocke let's play that is interwoven with custom motion comics and visual novel-type dialogues between the characters.  These dialogues is where voice actors come in.

This is my second series, and is comparable to "Pokemon Blackened Heart," a series I am very proud of, but I had to put on hold because of various problems.  "Falling Son" is meant to be the series that I focus on to put distance on my previous project because I felt I just kept running back to a series that I felt I couldn't fix.  If you wish, you can view the first video featuring voice actors here.

Unlike "Pokemon Blackened Heart", I've decided to feature voice acting with every episode in the series.  This, of course, requires more effort and time, but I feel it will create a much better product.  And like the previous project, I will compile the story sections of each video with every couple episodes.  There will also be additional scenes in those videos, but the old scenes will likely be reused from the episode they originate (with my current plan at least).

The art style of this project is going to be a lot more sketchier compared to my other project for the sake of lightening the workload.  Here is an example of the 'first page' of the motion comic.

What is the upload schedule?
The upload schedule will have difficulties starting out since I have to work with people before the episode can be created.  Please bear with me if I stumble a bit with the first few episodes.  The pace of uploads will most likely be monthly.

What about the payment?
My payments are about $0.20 USD per dialogue chunk (each time a character speaks without interruption).  I know that this is a criminally low rate.  I don't have any current ways of making money off this project and every dollar is currently coming out of my own wallet.  I'm thinking of ways of making money of this project via patreon or something similar, but I can't count on something that might happen.  I know the hard work that goes into voice acting so I want to compensate it, but I can only do so within my own reason.  I hope you can understand.

If the situation allows me to make money off the project, this is likely to change but this is what it is for now.  And yes, this will extend to future episodes.

Payment will be sent via PayPal, please make sure you are able to receive money through these means before auditioning!

The current payment is only for Episode 1.  You will be paid differently on future episodes based on the number lines.

Why are some of the payments/lines so low?
For the pokemon, each episode will mostly revolve around one or two Pokemon, so they would receive more payment for their own episode, understandably.

If a Pokemon joins, it is likely that their pilot episode will only really just showcase their character.  It's not improbable, but it's very likely and it explains why they will tend to have lower lines.  Laximil joins the team late into the episode, so that's why he only has a few lines of dialogue.  Kaster joins earlier, but he evolves into a Metapod halfway-through and cannot speak, so he's "absent" for the last two scenes (he makes appearances, but he can't talk).  

The next episode is very likely to focus on Kaster (who will evolve in the beginning and be able to speak) and Laximil will play a larger role as well.  Because of this, Halten will most likely be pushed back to where Kaster and Laximil's payments are for this episode.  Maybe a bit more since both of them were in situations where they literally could not participate for most of it  I'm anticipating (it's not a fact at the moment!) that Kaster will be where Halten is now and Laximil will be close behind.  Hell, Darien might even have less lines because there's not a lot of moments gameplay-wise where he could talk.  So maybe Kaster'll be where Darien is and Laximil will take up Halten's.

For the supporting human cast, they usually only appear in one scene if episode isn't terribly plot-heavy.  That's why they aren't as much as the others that appear throughout the episode!  They will appear more as the series goes on though, so it's not just a one-time thing for them!  Oak and Jake appear later on, after all!

The only characters that truly are "you'll probably only get that much" are the one-off NPCs, like Karate Man.  I use them to fill up the world with more characters.  Some might make reappearances, but you really shouldn't count on it.  Even so, they're still very necessary!

Payment varies depending on the script!  Don't let the low payment this episode dissuade you from getting a character!  You'll get more when the episode focuses on you!

What is the turnaround time?
Because this is the first time I'm handling voice actors like this, this question is a bit dodgy.  My current outlook is that once I finish the script, I'll give the voice actors two-three weeks to send the lines.  Whether it's solely by emailing me the lines or I direct them and they give me their lines afterward.  This is tentative because I haven't actually started this process and will most likely updated with more concise information in the future.

Note, this casting call will be updated with new characters when they are needed.  The current call is for Episode 1.


  • - Decent Microphone: Minimal background noise and your voice needs to be clear enough and understandable.
  • - Form of Contact: Be it through email, skype, or discord.  I need one other way of contacting you besides CCC just in case.
  • - Be Mature: There are likely to be swears and the innuendo here and there.  They won't be prevalent, but they are there.  I will notify in the characters' descriptions if that character may do anything that can be considered "not PG."
  • - Pokemon Die: Pokemon die in the series because it is a nuzlocke.  This is only because of my gameplay.  if you are casted to a pokemon that ended up dying, then don't fret.  You don't necessarily need to stop working for the project, in fact...
  • - Multiple Roles: I want to keep the cast a bit smaller to manage the timeframe between episodes.  While that doesn't mean, "I only want 7 people," I want to keep everything within scope.  If you feel your range can hit multiple roles in the casting call, go for it!  I'll, of course, ask if you're okay with multiple roles beforehand!
  • - Future Roles: With future supporting characters, if you are casted for another role and you feel you can match the character, then I'll hear your request to play that character.  There are two scenarios:
  •            1) If your previous character(s) are still alive, then your voice for the new role has to be easily differentiated from the previous ones.  Especially if your other role is on the pokemon team.
  •            2) If your previous character(s) are dead, then the voice can seem a bit similar to the previous character. I'll be a lot more lenient with similar-sounding voices if it fits the character well.
  • - Minor Roles: There are also minor characters in the series.  I'll ask casted voice actors if they can fill for that minor character.  Feel free to go wild with these, as long as the voice matches the basic feel of the character.  Minor characters also don't really need to have unique voices between one another.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  Thank you for your time!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold