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About Falling Birds | original audio drama

Falling Birds is originally a stage play of mine, adapted now to be a 3-part audio drama. Thematically, it looks heavily into magical realism, regret, art and emotion. Its overall message is to live in the moment, appreciate the everyday. If I had to give it a genre, I'd say it's a blend of romance, drama, comedy and tragedy.

It follows the story of the hopeless romantic, Kit, as a love poem of his gets read by the wrong person - the Moon. The Moon, until now devoid of human emotion, unwittingly falls in love with him. And she'll stop at nothing to make him hers. Even killing him.

Set in the modern day, the story is told primarily through flashbacks, tracking core memories from Kit's life as he tells them to the Moon. Throughout it, he stands on a rooftop, this story the only thing left to keep him from jumping. When it ends, who knows what choice he'll make...

Please be aware that this production contains strong language, and mild references to and/or themes of self-harm, mental health, death, suicide and alcohol abuse. Please only audition if you are comfortable confronting and working through these topics.


1. Show all the emotion you can. 

(This is a piece that literally explores what it means to have emotion and what to do with them, so really do give it your all!)

2. Try and make the character truly your own/unique.

3. Feel free to ad-lib if you think it's fitting.

4. Please do AT LEAST 3 varied takes of each line. 

I will be much less inclined to cast you if you don't do this, as variety and nuance is very important to me as a director.

5. Be willing to commit to deadlines and re-direction.

6. Decent microphone quality is a MUST

Even if you're a brilliant performer, if your mic quality isn't high enough (even after noise removal) I sadly won't be able to cast you.

If you'd like to check out the original stage production for context and/or inspiration, feel free to find it here: https://youtu.be/PgMvdVShoaU?t=278

Any and all accents and levels of experience are welcome!

About the Creator: celestielle

Actress, Writer & Director | Graphic Artist | Audio Engineer

Liz | 22 | British | She/Her


Best known for playing Dwemora in top Skyrim DLC 'The Forgotten City' (now in development as a standalone game), and being two-time winner of Sims International Film Fest's 'Best Voice Actress' award.

My natural voice is mid-low, rich, English Received Pronunciation, singing alto/tenor, but I'm up for the challenge of all things Cockney, Scottish, or North American. I won't pretend to be an expert, but it's all in good practice!


I've been a stage actress for 8+ years, voice actress for 5. My main passion is voicing video-game & audio drama, my favourite themes being fantasy, romance, action, and horror, but am always open to anything that interests me ~*


I specialise in writing for theatre and live performance, currently undertaking a Masters degree in it, but I also have a passion for writing and editing binaural radio dramas - these are typically serialised, but will occasionally be feature-length one-shots (depending on how ambitious I'm feeling) ~*


- Recently completed: If Leeches Ate Peaches 
- Currently casting: Falling Birds - 3 part radio drama adapted from an original stage play of mine

~ Check out my website, if ya feelin' wild ~ 

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day x

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold