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Drfluffvoices's Previously Completed Works

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    About DRFluffvoices - Danganronpa Fluff VA Blog

    Above is just an example of the kind of work we will be doing v_v

    We are not in any way affiliated with the previous danganfluffvoices, but instead were inspired by their blog!!
    What is drfluffvoices?

    DRFluffvoices is a Danganronpa voice acting blog primarily focused on voicing out fluffy/sweet skits involving the characters from the series! They may be between two characters, multiple characters, or even one character and the listener! This blog’s goal is to make it’s listeners happy!

    Along with Doing fluffy scripts, we may voice positivity posts, or even answer questions if one of our voice actors is in the mood!! Along with that, we may do some nonsensical things every now and then. I apologize ahead of time for that stuff… More may be planned for this blog later on!

    Thank you for checking this blog out! Love love~!
    How can I get involved in drfluffvoices?

    Welcome to our casting call page! On here, you can easily audition for any of the available characters that have yet to be cast! It's an easy, simple way for us to keep track of auditions. But voice acting isn't the only thing we need to keep our blog afloat!

    We are also looking for scriptwriters, video/audio editors, and potentially artists!!! Scriptwriters are our big priority, though! If you are interested in helping out, please refer to our audition page on tumblr, where you can find our for further inquiry!
    Are there any rules to auditioning?

    • - Please be over 13! 
    • - PLEASE have a decent quality mic! No laptop or headset mics at all thank you. 
    • - YOU MUST HAVE DISCORD!!! It's easy to make an account, and I really need to have a way to stay in contact with everyone!!! 
    • - If you ever decide you don't have the time to do the project anymore, please communicate with me about it! It would be sad if the blog got held up because you were too busy to voice a character, and we were left waiting for you.
    • - On that note, if you are absent for a long amount of time without any communication or warning, you will be recast! Please stay in touch!
    • - Respect our other voice actors! Please refrain from getting into fights in the discord server, and do not insult or try and criticize someone's voice unless they ask for critique. Let's all do our best to get along, okay?
    • - I may add more rules as time passes!

    That should be all!! We look forward to listening to your auditions! Make sure to follow our blog for more updates!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold