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About DragonLight Online AudioBook (Audio Adaptation of Fantasy Novel)(New Main Roles Needed!)



So, my name is Anikan, though my formal user is AnikanDarkness, and I am a teen writer. I'm only sixteen at the moment, but for the past eight years I've wanted to become an author. To be able to convey my imagination, ideas and stories through words, visuals, and to share it all with the world. I want to make my stories come to life and eventually publish them in the future. My dream is to become an author, and publish at least one of my books. So for now, I am here.

Currently I am writing two different series. The Omega Event, a post apocalyptic book following a group of survivors traversing across the wasteland trying to survive a mutant plague, and then another series called DragonLight Online, a more anime styled series that follows Aldren and his group of friends in an online MMORPG, where they go on a quest to become the sole Champion of the Game, fighting the five bosses hidden across the map and conquering Dominus Tower. This casting call is for DragonLight Online, and maybe in the future I'll do a little casting call for the other series.

So DragonLight Online is mainly focused on a boy named Dylan (IGN: Aldren) who is living in the country True Korea (a society created after a large event destroyed half of the world) and is bullied in school by pretty much everyone save for a few select people for being America, as the former leader of the country started a purge of any Americans after the USA was destroyed (by them). He contemplates committing suicide one day, until he discovers a video game sitting in the window of a store. DragonLight Online, an online MMORPG playable on the Virtual Reality console, the 5Vision. He enters the new reality, discovering an entirely new realm full of lush green forests, an array of furry little tameable creatures, and a quest that nobody has completed since the game's launch three years prior. The quest to defeat all five bosses, claim the Champion Weapons, and conquer Dominus Tower, a dungeon with a hundred floors full of the games hardest enemies, with the Champion Armor waiting at the top. Whoever claims the weapons and armor for themselves becomes the True Champion of the game, and that is what Aldren strives to be. He travels across the map to complete his quest, new friends and players joining him along the way. A fox girl named Kira, with a knack for magic. Her cold sister Liru, the anti-social leader of the group. A healer named Kieren, who helps the group with his large array of spells. A ninja named Jack, who wields a scythe and mentors Aldren through the world. And a succubus named Kora, who uses her demon abilities to help the others in any way possible. Them, along with several others they meet, go on the quest nobody else has ever completed, while a dark entity lurks in the background...

DragonLight 2 focuses on the same group several months later as they apply to DragonLight Academy, a new school specifically for DragonLight players. They all meet in real life and get in the same class, where they live out a better high school life from before. Meanwhile, they decide to play on the new DragonLight Realm, as they had been playing the Etolan Realm up until now. They try out the Zenith Realm, a sci-fi dystopian world consisting of a floating high tech city over a wrecked city known as the UnderHaven, and both cities are surrounded by an endless desert. They enter a tournament known as the Bullet Legion together, and meanwhile Aldren discovers a group of mysterious criminals known as Phantom Thieves, who are currently working to stop a threat known as the Wasteland Walkers, who are plotting to destroy the Zenith Realm from within, and destroy the game servers. This book is currently in progress, but has been planned out entirely.

The book consists of 70 chapters in total, along with a prologue and epilogue. It is in first person style, so each VA will be required to read the entirety of their POV, while other characters speaking during another characters POV will have to read their lines as well. Not every single character gets their own POV at some point, but most do. The chapters range from 2k words to 6k words, and are decently long in length depending on the plot of each chapter. DragonLight Online is also planned out to span into an entire series, currently going up to six books in total in the planning stages. Books 1-3 have been fully planned out, and book one is finished while book two is currently being worked on. While not all chapters in book one have been published on the site I upload them to, they are all completed. This is a long term project, so if you aren't planning on being committed through the entire project, then please do not audition. 

If your audition is accepted, I will invite you to the discord where all the voice actors will be. I will be able to coordinate everyone and post deadlines, scripts, and other info in the different chats. Any questions about future arcs, character ideas, information or anything about either series can also be answered by me. Several auditions for future characters have also been posted below, as not all characters are in book 1.

Link to Book One of DragonLight Online:




1. Have a discord

  1. 2. Have a decent enough mic. Doesn’t need to be high class or anything but keep the background noise and random sounds to a minimum.

  2. 3. Cooperate and be able to turn in voice lines. I won’t rush but we will have dates for lines to be done after the first few chapters.

About the Creator: AnikanDarkness

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