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    About Dead Rising 3 Mini FanduProject

    When you have to create a new account cause of the email verification...

    This won't be approved cause there's NO WAY I'm  showing my old fan work from like...5,6,7,8 years ago. 

    I don't do fan projects anymore, I myself do professional work - mostly just commercial stuff, but I thought I'd go back to my routes and do a mini project on one of the games I spent many a long hours on.

    I love anything scary, horror films/games etc. And although Dead Rising games are more 'gross' than 'scary', you still get that thrill while playing them.

    Out of all the Dead Rising games, I simply preferred 3 the most. It consisted of my favourite collection of psychopath bosses, most based on the Seven Deadly Sins...and that's what this project will focus on. 

    WARNING - THE FOLLOWING PROJECT WILL CONTAIN LINES, DESCRIPTIONS AND VISUALS (even if you don't watch the final project you''ll be envisioning what's happening when your recording) WHICH MAY CAUSE DISTRESS TO SOME PEOPLE, PROGRESS FURTHER AT YOUR OWN DIGRESSION. 

    Some roles have already been cast...or I've decided who'll be voicing them, these include;

    -Darlene Fleischermacher (Sin of Gluttony) 
    -Dylan Fuentes (Sin of Lust)
    -Jherii Gallo (Sin of Pride)

    This project will only last until the month of September, recording-wise.

    Scripts are very short, characters have no more than 20 lines, line length is usually no more than 10 words.  And thus, PRICES ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE. Further more I am technically over paying you anyway~

    Turnaround time is a month to record around 20 lines, ANYONE WHO IS LATE WILL RECEIVE A PENALTY ON THEIR PAYMENT AND BE PAID LESS, I'm not mean...just...punishing :D 

     This project is to be FUN! It's a fan project and they're always fun! One thing I will ask for is that you really focus on your ACTING! I've heard countless bland auditions, so please don't fall into that trap.

    All additional voices will be voiced by me, any queries just PM me!

    Finally, I have to put this cause you'll get that ONE person...THIS IS NOT A PROFITABLE PROJECT...I mean, that's pretty obvious in and of itself, this is a fan project after all. 

    GoOd LuCk :D

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold