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Primrose Sims's Previously Completed Works

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About Dark Room | Sims 3 Machinima Series | New Roles!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the second casting for Dark Room!


Dark Room tells the story of June, who lives with her family in the town of Blackwood, where a series of mysterious events occur.
People disappear here under unexplained circumstances. Sometimes they come back, but it is not a reason to be happy... they are dead.
The wave of disappearances and deaths, is accompanied by incomprehensible phenomenon.
In Blackwood, everyone has their own secrets.
The story reveals the problems, double lives and strained relationships of the residents of Blackwood.
June struggles with the problems of everyday life.
At one point, everything she's ever believed in turns out to be a lie, and her life shatters into another million pieces.
The tragedy touches June's family. The girl is determined to discover the truth.
What will her search lead to and will she be able to solve the Blackwood mystery?

The series will have about 7 - 10 episodes, 15 - 30 minutes each (episodes of about 30 minutes each, will be split into two parties).

- Important! Lines to be submitted by the deadline date. If you are going to be late, please give as much notice as possible, and we can extend the deadline a bit.
- Good audio quality - clear microphone and clear speaking voice (all accents are welcome).
- Be able to show emotions (angry, cry, scared, scream, rapid breathing).
- Agree on adult content (swearing, violence, murder, etc.).
- You can audition for as many roles as you like.
- Files uploaded in .WAV or MP3 only.
- Ability to re-record lines as needed.
- You can change the lines a bit, if you think they will sound better. If you want to improvise, absolutely go for it!
- Sometimes there may be changes in the script, new scenes or conversations - you may need to record lines for such scenes.
- This is a long-term series. I won't be able to complete all the episodes in one year.
If you want to leave the project, please let me know as soon as possible so I can find someone to replace you.

💬 Contact:
Discord: Primrose#1491
E-mail: [email protected] gmail.com (without space)

💬 Emailed Auditions
You may also email me your auditions. Title your email Dark Room Audition.

You can find the other characters in this casting: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/d-6a466885-f3c3-43dc-a32b-efa9c0b98b1a


There is no limit to the number of auditioned roles. If you want, please add auditions to more than one character.
Thank you for participating in the casting!


About the Creator: primrose-sims

Hi! I'm Veronica (aka Primrose). I enjoy writing stories. I'm a Sims 3 machinima director. Check out my Youtube channel for more <YT Channel>

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