Brandon Sum

Brandon Sum

I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.

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About Brandon Sum

Hello there! My name is Brandon Sum & I'm from North Carolina.

My passion is filmmaking & voice acting. I want to gain much experience as possible in the world of voice acting & work on turning this into a lifelong career.

I have a love for action movies, machinamas, animations, comics & video games.

If you believe my voice is fitting for a particular role or character, then feel free hit me up! I'll be more than happy to help make your project come to life & will do my best to deliver the best performance as possible!


My Twitter/X: @StrikePunkSum

My Discord: brandonsum

My Email: strikepunkstudios @

  • @risiblestudios

    Brandon has been a great friend for a number of years and is open to taking on all kinds of different roles. He's passionate, hard working and wants to be involved in a variety of projects for fun and to work on his craft. Being in his projects has always been enjoyable and I hope you join in on the fun.

  • @geeyerselashak

    I've worked on two projects with this guy and I would recommend him 110%! Awesome to work with and really passionate about what he does. Super excited to work with him some more in the future