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    About Danganronpa: Another Episode Manga Dub

    Hello there, this is Animelover895 aka Exorcist Maria. After awhile of discussing with some peers of mine, I have decided to finally do a project of my favorite anime/video game series Danganronpa. 

    If you are unfamiliar with Danganronpa: Another Episode here is a description 
    In Danganronpa: Another Episode, also known as Ultra Despair Girls. You follow the protagonist Komaru Naegi, the younger sibling of Makoto Naegi from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Komaru has been trapped in Towa City for half a year when she is then saved by Byakuya Togami a now Future Foundation member who was a classmate of Makoto Naegi. Once they arrive a riot breaks out and monokumas start to ravage through the city. Before Togami goes to save his fellow members of Future Foundation, he hands Komaru a megaphone gun that can take care of the monokumas with electric waves. He also tells her to meet with another member of Future Foundation who is in a restaurant nearby. Komaru gets to the restaurant where it seems all innocent, before monokumas break in. She finds the member after fighting some monokumas, he tells her that in the park there is a helicopter there. Komaru makes her way there to meet other future foundation members. They have a moment of peace where Komaru is able to find out about The biggest, most awful, most tragic event in human history. They are then attacked by monokumas. She gets into a helicopter that is being piloted by a monokuma which causes them to crash. She wakes up and sees the Servant who tells her that she has been unconscious for two days and how the world has changed so quickly. He then sends her off to meet with the Warriors Of Hope. The Warriors of Hope are 5 kids around the age of 10-13 whose goal is to create a children paradise by killing the adults. Komaru happened to upset one of the members which caused her to be placed in a bracelet that would blow up if you tried to escape the city or tried to remove it. Komaru is then dropped into the city to be apart of their killing game. She is then surrounded by monokuma and is saved by Genocider Syo.

    Where will this be posted?
    This will be posted on my youtube channel Exorcist Maria. I am hoping to do all the chapters I can find of this manga. It shouldn't be too long, and I'm hoping the entire project will only take a a few months to complete. 

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    Alexandra Hamilton, A Genderbent Hamilton project.
    Loving Life, A love live abridged. 

    Other projects in general
    No.6 abridged series


    1. Please have good microphone quality, minimal background noise is okay, but please no headphone or phone/laptop microphones.

    2. You can audition for as many characters as you want to, but you will most likely only be cast as one character.

    3. You must have discord so I can contact everyone cast in an easy way.

    4.  Please be both patient and openly available to recording lines. I'm willing to work around everyones schedules though, cause I understand that life can get busy and stressful. 

    5. Be encouraging to others who have auditioned. We are all just fans of Danganronpa and no one is above someone else. 

    I am not looking for spot on impression of the game voices, I am going off of what I would like to hear. But, if you sound like the original game voices, more power to you. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold