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Space Gore's Previously Completed Works

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    About Cosmic⋆Haven Entertainment (Love Live Idol Group)

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the official casting call for the virtual idol group known as Cosmic⋆Haven! Cosmic Haven Entertainment it a groups of idols that band together to make videos on YouTube. This is an OC based group!
    The group focuses on a galaxy/outer space aesthetic.
    We will mainly be focusing on ballad and heavier type of music giving off a colder yet powerful feel that replicates outer space.
    The group comprises of twelve female teenagers that live in a world where everything is shrouded in darkness and despair. It’s only hope and form of light are idols, also called constellations. These said constellations have the power to lift peace and light to the universe through song. Eventually the members of Cosmic ⋆ Haven become the beacon of hope for the world.

    How to audition
    I've also linked it in each character role. You can either audition here or on the discord server which I have also linked here: Discord
    The age requirement for this group is 13+ please understand I want this to be a professional group. If the level of maturity is too low I will raise the age requirement. If you are caught lying about your age you will be kicked. If you are applying on Discord the same requirements for auditioning follows just the same as it does here on CCC. Your audition on Discord or CCC will not be counted as a legitimate audition if all the rules aren't followed in your said audition so please follow the role rules/requirements carefully!

    Things to note
    This is a list of things I want everyone to acknowledge before diving into auditions
    1. This is a volunteer based group therefore you will not be paid. If I feel the group has surpassed what I initially hoped only then will I consider adding a payment of some sort.
    2. You must have a Discord account for me to accept your audition as Discord will be the group's way of communication.
    3. Please be active! You don't have to talk in the Discord if you feel uncomfortable but if you aren't keeping up with the deadlines or at least keeping me updated I will put you on a strike system. Three strikes and you're out.
    4. Be able to sing Japanese with average or preferably above average proficiency. I will be listening to auditions multiple times to hear how well your pronunciation is.
    5. Please have decent microphone quality! Tons of background noise will add up and sound sloppy. Also, be LOUD. I'd hate for anyone to be drowned out.
    6. We will be singing in both Japanese and English. Original songs will be in English covers will be in both.

    About the Creator: SpaceGore

    • ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* нєℓℓσ ℓσνєℓιєѕ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
    My name is SpaceGore or Ro, and I absolutely love singing.
    I first got into choir and practicing vocals when I was in grade school and I've stuck with it ever since. 

    A little more about me

    • I'm a 17 y/o shy girl with a huge interest in Love Live and Bang Dream.
      My hobbies are art and animation and soon to be video editing.
      I'm pretty dedicated to my work and very rarely give up on something I'm interested in.

    Best Girls

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold