About Lasercats6

Hello, I'm Sarah (AKA Lasercats6). I'm a young actor looking to get into the wonderful world of voice acting and video making!

 I enjoy drawing, acting (duh), singing, watching anime, translating Japanese songs into English, and recording random stuff with my mic! When I'm not busy recording auditions, you can find me creating lyric videos for my YouTube channel or drawing art to sell on my Etsy~ (both links can be found below)

I'm always looking forward to working hard and to grow as a voice actor! I am more than ready to record whenever lines are needed and I'll make sure to give my best for each and every performance!

Some personal favorite credits include:


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College of Dupage - 2018

Voiceover Acting

Instructed by Amelia Barrett

Graduated with an Associates in Arts.

What Lasercats6 is looking for

I'd like to find long term projects that don't die on me after months of inactivity. And projects that have strict deadlines help make my schedule a whole lot easier to manage! I'm willing to work on any type of project, whether it be fandom related or completely original. I love voicing all kinds of characters and working with those that love to share their creativity/passions with me! 

  • @theultraberker

    Laser has been an incredibly fun person to work with! She brings a lot of positivity and joy both in and out of recording sessions, and she’s no slouch when it comes to voice acting either, being able to bring out both the light-hearted and hot-tempered sides of her character (Ann Takamaki) extremely well and perfectly delivering her lines.

    Please consider Laser for any of your projects; she will do an amazing job! I can’t wait to work with her on future episodes of our abridged series of Persona 5! :)