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Jesse Anne's Previously Completed Works

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    About Citizens: Pilot Episode

    Corton, an old factory town during the Industrial Revolution, has been left bereft by decades of economic misfortune. The population is under 500, and the people that do remain simply can't afford to live anywhere else. The water tastes of bleach, the silts at the harbor are black and murky, and the amount of abandoned properties is such a widespread problem that they're considered to be litter. However, one man's trash is another man's treasure. To the criminals organizing drug and weapon dealings, it's been an absolute gold mine.

    It's not too difficult to get away with. A big concrete box can be bought for about four figures. The law enforcement is next to non-existent, and the ones that do remain are easily silenced by a few green presidents. If you have the drive and stomach for it, you can make a killing. Proving this statement true and carrying a bloody reputation is Augustine. Associated with a Cuban drug cartel, she handles the product being sent into America. She and the several dozen felons stationed under her have paved the way for a remarkably lucrative business. But it doesn't seem as if that's enough to satisfy her boss, Acosta. Despite years of profitable success, he's decided to scrap these current employees and replace them with family and friends who have decided to dip their toes into this deviance.

    But that's not a decision that Augustine was initially made aware of. And after she got word of it, it's not a situation that she agrees with. The same goes for the others in Corton. They could submit to it, of course. They could put their weapons down and their hands up, although no one lives like that for very long. Rather than tuck their tails and hope for the best, they've decided to take action. They've also decided to take all of the weapons, drugs, and remaining profits in Corton and set up their own shop.

    Of course, it's not going to be easy. There's always a fair amount of work to do before launching into a full-scale war, especially when you're up against a massive empire. And there's a street gang in town that's been causing a lot of noise, lately...

    The pilot focuses on establishing the characters, as well as the beginning of the story. The first steps are always the most important.



    About the Creator: JesseAnne

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    I'm looking to cast for my first animation. That's why I'm here!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold