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Blackwakegame's Previously Completed Works

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    About Blackwake - Male and female pirates/navy voice acting fer a fine crew!

    Blackwake is a multiplayer arena based shooter, akin to Guns of Icarus with a mix of Battlefield, Mount & Blade, Chivalry and Pirates of the Caribbean. Blackwake is set during the age of sail in the 1700s where players take on the role of either Pirates or the Royal Navy.

    The game is extremely team focused and team work is the only way you can win a game. Thus voice acting or voip is imperative for communication!

    The game has quite a few comedy elements and doesn't take itself too seriously. Our favourite voice acting from other games is definitely Chivalry which is an inspiration to our direction.

    Our factions also have their character stereotypes:

    Royal Navy

    - Midget man rat like snob (Chivalry man at arms)

    - Wimpy british crewman (Chivalry archer)

    - Fat pompus british female (I'll be doing the male one :) )


    - Big dopey pirate (deep voice, ello poppet)

    - Maniac old man pirate

    - Cocky spanish pirate (puss in boots)

    - The drunk irishman (An alcoholic Liam Neeson)

    Bonus points if you can make me laugh!

    As for the voice acting the sheet dialogue took me around 15 minutes to read with breaks. Most of the lines are extremely simple and just require repeating yourself different ways/lengths for variations. We're looking to pay $500USD for the script with the addition of another $500 once the game releases around Jan-Feb 2017. The addition could be much higher depending on the success of the game. Practically $1000 for 15 minutes of your time screaming into the mic :)

    There are sections which require improvisation which you can have fun with (taunts/insults). Practically if anything seems to fit the stereotype you're free to do so. 

    Our voice work is split up into 3 categories:

    1. Captain commands (players will hear this a lot while on the ship)

    2. Crew commands, which the players can say whenever they like and others will hear them.

    3. Third person voices, which generally occur while objects/items are being used

    Full script here:


    A note on this for example: The royal navy would use the full proper english words and no shortcuts like em' or i'll ~ Them/ I will. Also you'll be able to find our current voice acting and commands ingame by searching youtube gameplay of Blackwake no older than 4 months.

    About the Creator: blackwakegame

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold