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Mad Head Games, Eipix Entertainment, Elephant Games, Scienart Media, Hollow Robot Games, S2 Games, Crystal Shard Games, Neocore Games, Faravid Interactive, Keen Software House, Mapache Studios, Playcube Corp. 


Jonathan voiced the main character of my film "Serial Taxi", among some background characters. He is extremely professional, punctual, and never received a re-do as his work for the film was always at the highest quality. What most surprised me was his incredible range of voices, allowing him to do various characters without a hint of similarity. I never had a problem reaching him even after the work was complete. I highly recommend Jonathan for any voice over work as he is not only talented but great to work with.

-Paolo Cogliati

Jonathan is a very talented, passionate and dedicated voice actor. 
I know him through the work he has done for around the Einfo Games Network.
Jonathan first came on board to help out with a project we are currently working on. He is great to work with and has a very clear and professional tone to his voice. 
After working with him on the first project he has gone on to be the voice of the Unplugged and Einfo Games company trailers. He is also the voice of the sites interactive menus that appear at the end of a number of videos. If you are looking for an extremely talented voice Actor I highly recommend Jonathan Cooke.

- Mark S. Taylor

Have you ever had the experience of writing an original script, only to realize you had a specific voice actor in mind to play the main part? Such was the case with Jonathan Cooke, an immensely talented voice actor whom I’ve had the honor to work with on each of my audiobook projects which I co-wrote, directed, and helped produce. Jonathan brings an impressive authenticity, work ethic and dedication to each character he plays, and with his dynamic voice acting skills, delivers a remarkable performance each time. Also, the time he dedicates to editing each file so that I can have a polished track with plenty of lines to choose from is very much appreciated. Jonathan is a rare gem in the voice over industry, and would be the perfect choice for any of your voice over projects!

-Alicia Hansen

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