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    About Angel Beats Abridged Series

    Hello all! I'm Centenia and I'm the only director for this project, also the editor and scriptwriter but hey, I'm passionate about this.

    I've been an avid fan of abridged series for a good while and I decided it's time to give it a shot and throw my hat into the ring. So, I'm starting with a series I know can be turned into pure comedy, Angel Beats!

    As I write more scripts I will be making casting calls for those when they are needed but for now, I'm just doing the characters I've seen in the first episode that I need.

    Some notes:

    • This series will take a while, there are only 13 episodes in the series but as I said before I'm the one doing all the technical behind the scenes work so it's going to take time in between episodes.
    • Minor characters will not have a role. Such as Yusa, The blonde girl, any lines these characters have will be given to one of the main cast members just so I don't have to manage too many people. 
    • Cast members may have to do other voices, things like crowds will be handled with mp3s but when it's one or two NPCs or the teachers I'll assign roles to the cast.
    • I will occasionally ask for the casts input on things. Acting is an art and as such the actors and actresses should have some say on what goes into it.

    Expectations/ Requirments

    • Mic quality, if you have a noticeable fan or any popping, peaking, or anything of that nature you will not be considered for a part at all. As I said before, I'm doing all of the technical aspects which include audio editing and I've done it enough to know where my limits lie
    • Have a Skype or Discord so I can contact you. All the cast members will be put into a group and you can turn off those notifications I just need to have all the cast members in a place where I can easily get in contact with them
    • At least try to make time for this. This goes hand in hand with the Skype and Discord, I like to direct live where you record 1 on 1 with me while in a Skype or Discord call so I can give immediate feedback and make sure I'm not having people re-doing lines a million times. I know it can be hard to schedule times because we all have lives and such, but as long as you make an actual effort to make time for this then you'll be fine in my books

    That being said, have fun and good luck with your auditions!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold