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    About Alone - A Minecraft Map


    Hello Casting Call Club! My name is Gray, & I need your help! So, I'm making a Minecraft Map titled "Alone". It is about a Teen named Gray, who has severe depression, but tries to hide it. I have the whole story planned out, but then I thought: "You know what would make this even better? Voice acting!" So that's why I came here! I voice act a little myself, so I know exactly what I want. Every girl voice, every boy voice. The map will take a little while to complete, but I have someone helping with casting to make this go as fast as possible. Good luck, actors!

    Now, of course, I have rules. Not very severe ones, but you still need to follow them in your audition.
    1. No trolls, please!
    2. Please take this seriously. I'm trying to cast here.
    3. No curse words during audition!
    4. If you do get the role of one of our characters, you must be fine with your voice being heard by everyone who plays the map.

    Here are some frequently asked questions:

    Q: Will you be gaining any money off of this?
    A: Of course not! I'm doing this for fun, so the map will be completely free!

    Q: If I do get a role, what will I get access to?
    A: Private chat, maybe private discord, demo versions before they come out, your voice in the map, etc.

    Q: How can I contact you besides CCC?
    A: You can send me a DM on Discord (GrayDye#1612), or you can DM me through Twitter. @GrayFoxSwitched

    Q: Why are you putting Gray as an available role when you already are basically him?
    A: Because I bet there are way more talented voice actors who can voice Gray than me out there.

    Q: Will the map ever be finished?
    A: Yes, I expect by July or August.

    Q: What team of people do you currently have on you?
    A: None, I'm currently by myself. But contact me if you want to help! ^^

    Q: Are you trying to get this on realms?
    A: Let me answer this with a big, fat, NO. One of the endings of the map has disturbing images, so it would get rejected if I even tried.

    Q: How do you pronounce Gray's last name?
    A: Willardson. Will-erd-sin

    Q: Is this a roleplay?

    A: NO. THIS IS A MAP. Although, you can make let's plays of it on your YouTube channel.

    Q: What version of Minecraft are you making ALONE on?

    A: 1.12.2. There's a possibility I'll port it over to 1.13.

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