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About Methyst

Hi my username is M'ethyst (em-uh-thist), however I often times just go by something more simple like M.

I sent my first voice acting audition in early summer 2016, however as you can see from my profile, I started using CCC in 2017; after I started taking my voice acting more seriously.

Note: Unfortunately I haven’t been active on CCC much recently as I’ve been busy with school and other projects. I’m still open for requests, but keep in mind that I may be too busy at the time. 
Thank you! 

I am currently in high school. So I have to balance my voice acting with school, though I do take my lines seriously.
I primarily voice in smaller youtube projects though I want to slowly expand and work on larger and more professional projects.

I love script writing and directing!  I recently made a video for a school project, called "Inside Desolation." You can find it on YouTube if you want to see an example of something I've produced. I only had a month and a half to produce it from first draft to final product so it's not perfect by any means, however its the first thing I've produced and I'm very proud of it considering such.