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Almost Immortal Audio's Previously Completed Works

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About Almost Immortal: An Audio Dramedy

Almost Immortal is currently written for 3 Episodes, though if this project shows promise, more are on the way. This audition is offered as a package deal, with three scripts written and ready to record.

Episode Specific Roles for 2 and 3 coming in the future.
What do you get when you mush together two well armed teenagers, a cynical imaginary friend, the ability to never die, and the ever present risk of universal spaghettification? 

Almost Immortal is an episodic, Sci-Fi—Lite Audio-Dramedy that takes place within the many lives and deaths of cousins Signus Santiago and Samantha Lowe. By some weird mishap these two cousins, after death, have the ability to recall to the earliest moment they could have prevented their own death. Using this unstable ability, they must sever the ties between many different universes that have now been combined, thanks to their gaining of this ability. 

This combining event, called the convergence, is a direct result of quantum immortality, where the death of a person simply leads to another universe where they would have survived. While this definition does not exactly depict the quantum immortality in this audio project, it comes close to being an accurate idea.

Through the use of deduction, firearms, and sheer luck, the cousins and their imaginary friend must figure out a way to sever newly converged universes and prevent universal spaghettification.

Featured Lines:

Sam: [Understanding the carnival workers aren’t carnival workers] Human disguise, huh? You’re no carnival hokey, you’re a freakin’ alien or something! The kind that makes a naked mole rat look good! Eugh! Tentacles, slimy, got some weird sense of irony, don’t use any contractions. [Mode Change] Great! This is the part where you tell me what your whole secret plan is before I die, right? Ya know, buyers, what your ‘product’ is, how to sever the universes, and all?

[While running from a rather large monster]
[Terry and Sam begin discussing post-marathon meals]

Sam: Preferably something with some carbs and, uh…

~Shotgun Fire~

Sam: Some chocolate milk.

Signus: [Confused] Aren’t there better things to be talking about besides dinner! We’re about to become lunch!!!

Sam and Terry: No?

Almost Immortal is designed to be a straight-to-Youtube audio project.

The recordings will preferably take place during live calls, as to get the most organic response between voice actors. If this is not possible, arrangements can be made.

The publishing date for the first episode is expected to be December 1st, with new episodes coming out either once or twice a month, depending on how fast production schedule can be carried out.

Three episodes are currently planned

Episode 1: Killer Karnival


  • This episode combines a normal carnival and aliens who turn humans into table seasoning. Expect one of our main characters to get disintegrated, and the not so happy response that comes afterwards
Episode 2: Mobile Flaming
  • This episode combines an RPG Fantasy universe and mobile gaming, and involves just one young player who doesn't know when to quit. You will likely find many things you've wanted to do to troll a young, annoying player.
Episode 3: Narration: Required
  • This episode takes elements of a Noir-Inspired Seattle, the required narration of that universe, and the features of animation software. Expect a jazzy soundtrack, a trip to the space needle, and a spree killer here or there.

  • Cast members must be able to access Google Drive, and at minimum be able to view files, preferably having their own account
  • Cast members must have access to discord and have their own account.
  • Members must be able to send audio files in MP3 or WAV format
  • Members must attempt to be present for recordings
  • Cast members must have a sense of fun. NO EXCEPTIONS. FUN IS REQUIRED. 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold