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About [PAID] Alkelor | 3D Animated Series

Hey, my name's Jason! I wanted to welcome and thank you for your interest in "Alkelor"! This 3D fantasy-action series is still in the mid development stages, but here's the run down: 


The year is 2084, and this is the story of Cody Talborne, an 18 year old engineer that's officially going to gain his title as CEO of Centiplex Industries, as requested by his late father. While this will make Cody the richest man in the world, he's always just pretended to live a normal life. Alongside him on his adventure into boring business-hood are his friends Lex Bowman, Unity Stinton, and his adopted brother, Allen Aukor. For the past few months, Allen has been acting strange, his overall personality has changed from a light hearted friend to a dark and angry teen. After a message arrived in the mail telling them that what Allen is facing might kill him, Cody is introduced to a slightly older man, only looking around his late 20s, but with the beard of a 60 year old. The man tells Cody that Allen was under the influence of a dark substance known as Interium. The man tells Cody that while he doesn't completely know Interium's capabilities, he knows where it came from. A substance, similar to a super soldier serum known to the scientists whom it originated from as HACMAN (name WIP). The scientists were Cody's father, Allen's father, and the mysterious man. Allen's father had left a message for him telling to complete the substance, as the man had little time to spare. While Allen did manage to finish it, it came at an extreme cost. Allen now fights constantly in a battle of will, fighting against the Interium trying to take over his body. Cody must now take the purest form of HACMUN, gather his friends Lex and Unity, and save Allen from his eventual doom, before the interium can take control and put Alkelor into effect.


This is the first animated series that I have ever developed. Production has been going on since April of 2015, but I am glad to have the help of friends and participants to make this happen. I am planning to release a trailer of this in early 2019, following up with the first episode mid to late 2019. This is a series that cannot be done without the help of some talented actors to make the characters really feel alive. There is minor swearing, and characters have comedic, dramatic, and in some cases, erotic elements to this series, so be aware of that when auditioning.


And now to the good part! This is the part you've all been waiting for, showing yourself off! Give it everything you've got when auditioning! We need louds! We need quiets! Anything that you feel fits the character. All characters provided will have a short description of their role in the game with a few lines for you to record. These lines are what you'll most likely what you'll find in the first episode of your appearance. If you feel that your audition wasn't up to par and want to redo it, you are free to send me a PM to let me know, but do it before the deadline please! All auditions should be in the MP3 format, have minimal to no background noise, and be used with a high-quality microphone, nothing less. If you want to audition for multiple characters, I won't be mad at you! You are allowed as many takes as you see fit. However, if you get a part for a recurring role, you will not be cast for any other characters. If you get multiple parts you'll get to choose which part you want.


Payment is currently very  iffy for us. We'll be paying based off a VA's pricing, but we'll put $10 as a base point. You will be given the money as the work is done, so if you don't get many lines you would most likely get less money than others.


- Discord (Comment tag Below)

- A sense of humor (Bland is boring)

- Decent Microphone

- Basic Activity (Available most weekend on PC, Available most days on Phone)

- At LEAST 14 years of age


- Your name in the credits. 

- Free digital copies of the game soundtrack, featuring various tracks from Orchestral/Rock producers.

- A series to put on your acting resume/portfolio. 

- Possible hang out sessions with the cast, recording them playing games as their own characters

- Paid Work WIP (Check Updates)

- The pride of your family members. (results may vary)             


This is the first of the series placed in the universe, and I'm glad you consider being part of this world we all created! It's been so fun working on this project and I'm happy to say I finally feel it's ready to be put on CCC, after 3 years of work, 100s of revisions, and 3 MAJOR plot changes (ask me about the original story in discord XD)

You can contact me from following questions at the links below if you have any further questions:


-Yours Truly, 



Bewilder Studios

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold