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About Alezuma: Dark Ties | Episode 0 Voices

Welcome to the first official Casting Call for the Alezuma: Dark Ties series!

Since this is the first one I am hosting, I want to make sure that everyone understands the basics of what this series is about and why I am in need of voices. So first and foremost, I am HeroesPath: A small YouTuber, artist, and animator looking to launch my series. I already have 5 seasons written up and now it's just a question of seeing who will be voicing who. The series follows two siblings who go through many trials that lead to growth in their life but before the series can touch upon them, the history is needed. That's where this Casting Call comes in. This first audition is for voices who will be in Episode 0 but perhaps will also appear later on as well. 

(Pictures may not be shown for some roles as to not spoil some of the important cast.)


The deadline for auditions is August 19th, 2020. I'll notify voice actors who have been cast in roles by August 20th and send scripts to voice actors by August 22th.  We need to receive all lines back from voice actors by September 5th. If you are unable to record between August 22th - September 5th, please do not audition. 


Once you are a voice actor, you will be invited to our Discord server and voice actor group so that we may all talk and discuss anything that comes up. We will all be working with you to make sure you will be alright while we go through the series. If you are unfamiliar with Discord or just don't have it, you can still audition, however, I strongly recommend to join us in Discord so that you can hang with us or even collaborate with your fellow voice actors.  


  • First and foremost, have fun! This should be something that you enjoy doing so it doesn't feel like a job and plus, if you're having fun, you'll barely know the time has passed.
  • Please submit clean recordings (no air conditioners in the background, no fans -- while I don't mind performing noise reduction on your files, too much clean-up reduces the quality of your voice).
  • Please let me handle the post-production aka don't add effects to your lines (unless you're a friend of mine that has a more preferred effect).
  • Feel free to cut your lines to your best/favorite takes. Three is the gold standard. If you prefer giving me more takes; that's okay, too. However please at least remove the takes you don't want before sending it.
  • Please submit your recordings as one .wav or .mp3 file to my email address, which will be provided to you after casting. If a file is too large to submit via email, we prefer to use Google Drive.
  • I may ask for line re-dos (this will not happen all the time so long as directions are followed), but I will do this only after great consideration - I know your time is valuable, and I won't ask for anything I can't work around in edits.
  • Lastly, since I are planning on multiple seasons, I'd like to cast people who will be able to stick with me for a while.

About the Creator: HeroesPath

I am an artist/animator with the goal to make my Alezuma: Dark Ties series. I already have written 5 seasons and have ideas in place. Hopefully with time as I grow, so will the cast, music, and many other aspects grow too.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold