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Grxnt's Previously Completed Works

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    About Across the Star Grid [Still Looking For MAJOR Roles & Artists] [PAID]

    NOTE:  Please do not audition for this project unless you are absolutely sure you will have time for it. We will be needing you to be active and cooperative on discord, and the audition process on here is only the first part of actually auditioning. (Think like callbacks for example) If you are not active and ready to participate once you get in the discord, you will be removed. Once we reach out to you on here, we will need to interview you on discord and possible audition you for different characters or lines. Be prepared to be given direction. This is a very hands on process and not something you just quickly send lines into. It's also a very long term process, and involves a lot of characters and a lengthy story. If you cannot handle that,  do not audition, or audition for an extra role.

    All the money from our Patreon and Kickstarter will be put back into monetary compensation for voice actors/artists.


    Across The Star Grid is a complex journey that follows several characters and how their worlds intertwine. Oliver Graves, a mercenary on a no-man's planet who is forced to address a past he tried to leave behind, Zelda Bates, an foster kid on Earth who starts to unravel the mysteries behind her real parents, Eric Fawkes, a military general who must find out how and why a dangerous pathogen has got out and locked his planet into quarantine, Jax Turner, a young man trying to solve the disappearance of his father, and Torren Joseph, a lone wanderer caught between the fire of his battling parents.


    There are many, many supporting and lead characters, along with extras, so the characters available to audition as stand more as character types, rather than just specific roles.


    Oliver Graves - Prodigy of Energy. He is light-hearted, witty, and scared of commitment. Very strong, and brave, however has a side that is terrified of a very mundane thing; germs. He's a secret germaphobe with Manic Bipolar which makes him unpredictable and sometimes reckless.

    [Casted - Abby W.] Emma Hughes - Human, from earth. She is sarcastic and cynical. Is very bottled up, and traumatized by many past events. However she has a side of her that is very empathetic, and trustworthy, and she likes to help people.

    [Casted - Gentlemen Bird] Nick Baxter - Unknown origin, Prodigy of Time. Nick is what is called a jumper which makes his energy very unstable, but very powerful.  He has two kids, who wield similar energy, and he has a nature that is very strict and distrusting. Nick is known for his incredible inventing skills, but is a mystery to most people outside the Elder Circle because of his introverted nature. He is believed to have Paranoid Schizophrenia which is what makes him so uneasy around others.

    [Casted - Jack D.] Noah Ferguson/Baxter - 15, Human, from earth. Noah is introduced as a kid who was adopted by a rich, but very ignorant-minded family. He is quite a typical teenager, playing varsity basketball and being adopted into the popular crowd at school, but when one night he discovers a unique ability to teleport, things change drastically for him.

    [Casted - Molly L.]  Jessica Quinn - From earth. Jessica is a missing persons detective under the Portland Police Department. Her backstory isn't common knowledge, only that she knows Aydan and Julian very well, and has connections to the Star Grid, being that her ex husband lives on Terranus, and her son Jakob was mentored by Oliver and desired to be an Elder one day.

    [Casted - Pinchy17/Stuart]  Julian Spade/Ace - The real Julian Spade is a former Elder who was taken over by a demon, Ace. Ace is very powerful, superficially charming, and sadistic. His only goal is to obtain power and hurt his enemies. He has a serial killer mentality, and has no real big motives, other than making himself feel powerful.

    Jakob/Hysteria  - The real Jakob Quinn has been taken over by a demon like Ace.  It is uncertain if Jakob is still alive or not, however it doesn't matter, because Hysteria is in control. Hysteria is also very sadistic, and charming, but has an act of an immature, goofy, teen. This works in luring in strangers and stealing their energy.

    [Casted - Silver] Lucille - Elder of Ends. Lucille is the current Elder of Ends. The Elder of Ends used to be on the side of the elder circle, to do good, however since Lucille's reign, her goal has been to create chaos and shift the power. She intends to overthrow the Elder Circle by harvesting the energy of the Baxter twins and finding Zayne O'Neel’s child as well. The only person who can stop her,  is nowhere to be found.

    [Casted - Nathan M.]  - Adam Peterson/Baxter - Adam grew up in a very loving adopted home. He grew up with his adoptive mother and father, who were both very loving. His mother died of cancer, however, and only a few years later his dad was killed in a car accident, resulting in him having to move to live with his irresponsible brother. He struggles with two things, the fact that he is female-to-male transgender, and suffers from high functioning autism. Adam ends up being changed by Lucille, who turns him into a biological male, making this a part for two people to play.

    [Casted - Shock]  Mikhail Schafer - Human, from Earth in another universe. Mik is a brilliant, young prodigy scientist who discovers technology to allow him to travel between different universes. Before he discovers this, he suffers in a universe where Germany and Japan have won world war 2 and occupied America. As a young gay man, he is forced to leave his family behind for their safety and his own. He meets Torren on his travels. Mik is very passionate, determined, and loving. He's also very witty, and clever.

    Torren Joseph - Wraith, Prodigy Of Ends/Life. Born out of two opposing forces, Torren is a troubled spirit. This makes him very angry, and pessimistic. Torren is also split between good and bad, as his energy struggles between the blood that he has. He desires to be a Prodigy of Life, but his ties to his mother, Lucille, make it hard for him to be completely pure.

    [Casted - Theo M.] Lana Baxter - Prodigy Of Nature. Lana is very friendly and easy-going. She is currently residing on Kepzer because of a congenital heart disease that worsens with the atmosphere on the planets in the Star Grid. She’s sweet and seems delicate, but is actually very strong, and is not a force to be reckoned with. Her brother is Oliver, and they share a very strong bond.

    Brendon Tucker - Human, from earth. One of Ace’s proxies, Brendon is a troubled man. He was captured when he was only 12, and finally escaped at 19. Despite being robbed of his childhood, Brendon has a genius IQ which makes him very bright and very clever. The only thing that allowed him to escape, was the fact that his energy becomes unstable when he's on the planets in the star grid.

    [Casted - Evelyn C.] Zelda Bates/O'Neel - 17, Human, from Ouranos/Earth. Zelda is a witty, outgoing teen with a neglectful foster home. Although she has many external battles, she is very passionate and strongly willed. Even when her life is turned upside down, she’s able to maintain her ground. She's incredibly stubborn, and curious which sometimes gets her into trouble.

    [Casted- Edward S.] - Zayne O’Neel - Prodigy Of Elements. Zayne is one of the most powerful prodigies, alike Nick and Oliver, but he can be reckless because of his hot-headed temper and childish nature. However, he is affable, ambitious, and clever, which allows him to get out of dangerous situations with ease. He is the prodigy of Elements, but uses fire the most. 

    [Casted - Dan G.]  Aydan Joseph - Elder of Creation. Aydan has been missing for several years, but is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He is one of the children of the Temporal (The most powerful being in the universe) and he is the closest resemblance of the christian "god." However, Aydan's personality isn't very "god-like." He is goofy, charming, and lovable. He can be serious when he needs to, but has a very calm and relaxed nature.

    [Casted - Marlon] Eric Fawkes - Eric was previously married to Jessica Quinn, but after Jakob, their son's death, he and Jessica split ways and he ended up back on his home planet, Terranus. Now, in the midst of a very serious quarantine, Eric, as one of the lead military officers, must aid in figuring out how the plague started, and how to contain it. 

    [Casted - NovaNightingGale] Deen Padal - Deen, 19, is one of the soldiers under Fawke's military squadron. She appears very dim witted and girly, but is actually very strong and passionate. Her dream is to become an action medic, but she has to go through military training first. Eric decides to recruit her on his mission to help contain the plague because of her healing energy.

    [Casted - Nic L.]  Nash Thompson - Nash is a normal 16 year-old living on Terranus when the plague strikes, but something changes when he and military officials realize that he is immune to the plague. This makes him a very valuable resource to Fawke's team. 

    [Casted -  Swift Arrow] X Turner - Xavier Turner is the former Elder Of Ends. Technically he is still the Elder of Ends, but is trapped inside an invention of Nick's called Baxter's Prism. Galeko trapped him in there, and now Lucille has taken charge. X is very different from Lucille. He is a very fair, and reasonable Elder of Ends. He has a very calm and collective nature, and has a lot of integrity as an elder.

    [Casted - Mattview72]  Jax Turner - Jax, Xavier's son grew up on Kepzer. Without his father being around, he has no knowledge of the Elder cirlce, or the Star Grid. He ends up leading a mercenary team, but when it steers him in the direction of a mysterious energy driven device, he learns that it's only a piece of a puzzle to a larger mystery.

    Arielle Baelli - Arielle is a part of Jax's mercenary team. She's a very independent, and strong willed woman with an undeniable curious side. After Toby, her fiance disappears, her and Jax strive to find answers that quickly become more complicated when they discover the mystery device.

    [Casted - Aaron C.]  Toobhi Xrek - Toobhi (Toby) is a native resident of Kepzer. Being a member of an endangered race being hunted by traffickers, Toobhi struggles to live freely. He was formerly captured, but liberated by Julian Spade, however when Julian is overtaken by Ace, the once great sanctuary for Toobhi's kind goes to ruin.

    [Casted - Colton/GrayExrp]  Caarbjon Joonis - Caarbjon (Carbon) is a native resident of Kepzer as well. He is a race called a Sprite which makes him look very small and fairy-like, which leaves for much comedic relief. He's an angry little elf man who is very good as a mechanic, but very bad at fighting.

    [Casted - Starset] - Alice Benton - Alice is a girl who goes to school with Noah. Her and Noah have a brief fling of sorts, being that she likes him because he's one of the nicer popular guys, but he struggles to understand her battle with suicidal depression. She has a long family history with it and wants to live her life normally, but struggles immensely with it. This battle helps open up Noah's eyes to a different, less sheltered world, and brings the two closer in a strange way.

    [Casted - Trav Trav] Ryan Jeong - Ryan is Torren's closest friend. He belongs to the same race has Toobhi, but lives on earth, hiding the features about him that look inhuman. He is very goofy and kind-hearted, and rarely serious. Even when he is up against a dangerous opponet he maintains a calm and laid back, optimistic nature.

    [Casted - Sam H.] Kyler Welsh - Kyler is a classmate of Ryan and Torren's when Torren poses as a regular teen for a while. When Kyler's natural energy starts to shift, causing her to open up to the world of the Star Grid, and Duridian, she becomes one of Torren's closest friends. 

    [Casted - Poppletron] Elder Wardon - Wardon is the Elder Of Time, which makes him the oldest and most powerful Elder, only second to the Temporal. He is very wise, but easily agitated by the reckless and irresponsible ways of the prodigies. He gets antsy, not being able to control and manage the mortal world.

    [Casted - John D.] Temporal Loghann - Temporal Loghann is the most powerful being in the universe. He mainly uses his human form, but his natural form is devoid of any physical or visual form. He is very well mannered, patient, and kind, and he is not personally known by many.

    [Casted - Arkham] Elder Galeko - Galeko is a very evil elder who broke from the circle, and intends to tear it down. He currently resides on Arcadia and has cursed and captured Aydan, as well as taken over the planet and captured Jon And Sierra James. He is the elder of energy making him the second most powerful elder, posing a giant threat to the circle.

    Other minor characters (or later appearing leads/supporting):

    - Jesse Peterson

    - Sierra

    - Overseer Dwuait

    - Elder Yhale

    - Elder Madahay

    - Elder Daegan

    - Sierra James

    - Jonathan James

    - Jonah Talbot

    Payment may be subject to change given level of cooperation, quality, and ability timeliness of recordings.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold