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    About A L I V E a sims 4 series

    "The most precious thing about life, is being alive"

    Alive is an upcoming sims 4 machinima series that is set to released sometime in 2018.

                                                                                                                                                           Alive Story:

     High school can be tough especially, if you are forced to leave everything you loved behind and be transferred into a new school for your senior year. This seems to be the case with Trey Micheal, as he and his mother tries to start a new chapter in their life. After losing two loved ones in the family. The two were force to move into a small bay town name Brindleton Bay, due to a huge case Trey's mother is working on in her police department. Things slowly take a small turn for the both of them when Trey stumbles upon a a mysterious strange dog name Alleu. Trey tries to finds out if Alleu has an owner or not and his mission is to find the dog's actual owner  but the more he spends time with Alleu the bond between the two of them helps fill the void in Trey's heart.

    With the meeting of Alleu, Trey meets a couple of teenagers that who he befriends tries to help him with finding Alleu's master.  Riley, who is on her own mission to search for her parents. The high school's sweet heart and role model Celicia, who wish to graduate and run her own animal hospital and save all animals. Nicolás, wish to become a great artist. Jun, who wish to be a great e-sport player, The friendly laid back Cody & "weirdo" Sam. Each of them has their own stories and goals they wish to full fill and all of them seems to be linked together by Alleu, their animal companions and the mysteries that brindletown bay has in store for them. 

    Can Alleu and Trey's friends be the void that actually fill in Trey's heart and help him deal with "acceptance"?


    In order to audition for Alive you follow these set of rules. Please make sure you understand them fully:

    Alive is a rate PG-16 + Series. The series will contain things that might be offensive to some viewers, this includes violence, death,  Mild sexual themes, Abuse and Mild language. This series is reflecting on how the real world acts.

    All of the main characters in alive are eighteen years old or will hit the age of eighteen during the episodes.
    Some characters may or may not die in the series. If you are the type of person who does not like seeing a character that you are rolling as having the possibility of being killed off, please do not audition for this series.
    Auditioning for a certain role will not guaranteed you will get the part you wish to role.

    You might be ask to play as another character. You must have a discord account, (I will be linking  the discord server to those who had successfully audition for their roles). The reason for this is because I would like if the actors and actress play their lines together. I think acting a scene for a line is better for you to be with the said person who is in that scene with you, rather than just acting out a scene on your own. You must have a clear mic, speak clearly and speak loud. Some characters require a different pitch/tone of voice/accent. Please put your heart into the lines. 
    Be the character. 

    You will have up to at least three weeks to submit me your lines once you have been given your role. Failure to do so without a valid excuse on why you have not given me your lines, will result in removing you from the project. This is going to be an ongoing project. I am looking for about 15- 20 minute length episodes.

    The casting call will end on August 28th, 2018 12:00 am EDT.
    Some characters role may or may not be closed before that time frame.

    Good luck!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold