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    About 2 1 5 5 - Audio Drama

    2 1 5 5

    We follow the life of James Connor, a young man trapped being interviewed by state officials. Set in 2155 societies have collapsed, governments failed, humanity itself is threatened. Groups that have identified themselves as "NOMAs" have started roaming the cities, scavenging what they can, taking prisoners and leaving very little behind. James has been taken in by the IEA and questioned about the start of the downfall.

    Background: Set in the year 2155, the climate change issues haven't been resolved, in fact have escalated drastically. This got the general public stirring. As the economy began to decline the built up tension surrounding the public eventually erupted. Groups formed, societies fell, governments retreated into hiding. The NOMA initiative began shortly after the the eruption in society. They travelled around, pillaging surviving areas and threatened anyone in their path. The population began to dwindle drastically. Dehydration, starvation and the NOMA groups began to kill off those trying to survive. Rumours of an independent law enforcement team have spread amongst the world, sparking hope in those desperate to survive.

    Artistic View

    This is framed in a TV format. Released as a podcast on major podcasting platforms. The show should be like a movie without picture. There shouldn't be a need for narration to drive the story, so each actor will have a very decent chunk of lines. The majority of the story revolve around James Connor, Det. Thomas and Ava Connor. Many more characters will have huge importance such as Drake and Robbie.


    1. You will need your own recording set up.
    2. This project might be a long term thing, yet as of right now it is not definite.
    3. Please respect all those involved in the process. In an ideal world we'll have a large enough team working on this, so please respect those involved.
    4. You will need a discord for table reads and getting to know the cast.
    5. This as of right now is an unpaid project, but hopefully we can accommodate some of you down the line. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold