Patrick Hurt

Patrick Hurt

LVL 22 | Actor | Audio Engineer | Musician

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About Patrick Hurt

I have always been interested in telling stories.

Whether it be from writing, music, or acting, I've been continuously inspired to tell my own stories through art. That's what led me to go to Radford University to study Music focusing in Vocal Performance. Which will lead me to continue to do what I always wanted to do. Telling stories!

There's always one thing that makes a story feel real and personal, and that is the voice. Every story needs someone to tell it, and with vision and skill I am equipped to provide that voice.

My name is Patrick Hurt and I am a voiceover artist based out in Virginia.

My performance style brings in the listener to make them feel engaged in the atmosphere whether it be animations, video games, audiobooks, or podcasts. I specialize in youthful and powerful voices, perfect for the young protagonist, crazy psychopaths, and powerful gods.

I spent all my life listening, creating, and studying music. Which allowed me to develop a keen ear and become a trained vocalist. These skills showed me that even the smallest adjustment can provide a huge impact on audio quality, delivery, and personality. This not only led me to understand the importance of keeping my equipment on the professional level, but it also gave me the opportunity to have a hand at visual and audio editing.

When it comes time to choose the voice for your next story, the name you should keep in mind is Patrick Hurt.


Pricing is negotiable.

Hourly Studio Rate:

$250 per hour

Per Line/Word Rate:

$3 per line/$0.30 per word

What Patrick Hurt is looking for

I am always looking for projects to be a part of. No what kind of project it may be, from video games to animation and commercials to audio dramas.

  • @kebbyva

    This man is so dedicated to his work, it's actually amazing. This man is protagonist material at its finest, so it'd be an actual tragedy if you don't cast him in your project. Cast him, pay him if possible. Please.

  • @nicholasfosterva

    Patrick is phenomenal as a voice actor and as a person! He has an excellent range and is a very welcoming presence wherever he goes! Cast him in your next project!

  • @not-on-helium

    Patrick is the embodiment of a good person. A stellar voice actor, wonderful singer, and absolutely amazing human being! As a voice actor, Patrick has so much talent and so much potential. Though he excels in a variety of voice and character types, his mid-high voices are mind-blowing. If you’re looking for a VA that can deliver high-energy or emotional lines, Patrick is definitely your guy. Additionally, his singing is steady and gorgeous. It’s criminally underrated. Patrick would definitely be a beneficial addition to any cover group. He’s extremely hardworking and reliable and ultimately a great person to work with on anything! And, of course, there’s more to the package. Patrick is, without a doubt, one of the loveliest people I know. Honest, supportive, friendly, caring, hilarious- Patrick is all of those and more. He’s likeable in every way! Patrick always includes everyone and carries conversations with ease. In serious moments, he's a level-headed and soothing presence. As a whole, Patrick could very well be everything you're looking for and more! There's no reason to hesitate.

  • @xaviersims

    Patrick was great to work with. He was the voice of Junior in my latest audio drama project called "Little Orphan". Definitely one of the best I've had, even though his character don't talk much but always sides with his buddy Kyle on everything he says.

  • @eily-jacobs

    Pat has been an incredible voice actor to work with! I've worked with him for quite a number of projects now, and since the very beginning, he's never failed to amaze me. Not only does he deliver his lines correctly and turn in his work in a timely manner, but he even offers to help out with organizing other things in the project, such as sound editing and feedback. Pat is such a great friend and a talented individual, and I suggest every casting director gets a chance to work with him!