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Goofy dude with the drive and the power to go the distance

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Greetings, I am SirSoundz but you can call me Ryan. I have a wide range and a massive arsenal of voices. I am very flexible when adjusting my tones, pitches, and voices so tell me what you need from me and I will deliver. With 4+ years of experience I am confident I can lend my voice and have it fit any character

I prefer to communicate through Discord, add me @sirsoundz

my display name is Mr.Many Tones

Pronouns are: He/Him

Thanks for working with me :D


Free. $0.00 or a Recommendation works as well

  • @neurotic

    When he had to step away from a project, I took on his role as said character, and I honestly felt like I couldn't live up to this man. This guy is amazing, genuinely. I have yet to hear his VA work, but just hearing his voice in VC makes me KNOW you want this guy on your projects. If he auditions, hit the cast button fr. May his voice bring him many amazing opportunities 

  • @kaboomtoons

    Ryan is freaking amazing at what he does and I’m telling all you directors out there, you won’t regret having him in the cast. Range is CRAZY GOOD, he’s such a positive person and very easy to connect with! If you need any sort of uplifting, he’s your guy. Also, HELLO? SINGING?? The absolute genuineness in EVERYTHING he sings??? Literal chef’s kiss.👏👏 If you see his audition, don’t even hesitate to cast him, it’ll change your life, I swear. I’m proud of you! ❤️

  • @kozykami

    I haven't known Ryan for long, but I DO know that he can do the best with the characters he is cast for. If you cast him, then there is no doubt that he will live up to your greatest expectations and will give you the best performance.

    GO GET 'EM!

  • @jazaxiee

    To even write this recommendation is God's gift. Members and friends alike, let me tell you something about Ryan. It's with great honor to even befriend this man. Ryan is a multiskilled, humble, and truly, the most kindest person you'll ever lie your eyes on. I've met Ryan in the beginning days of my project back in 2020 and I wouldn't have traded that exact moment for the world.

    He brings a lot of joy to the voices he creates in a blink. Whether it be the toughest of soldiers alike or the silliest little guys you could think of. You think it, he's got it. That's how vast his range goes and it only continues to grow each step and corner he takes. (Kudos to that!) Every line, every voice he's created, has never failed to make a director smile with praise. He puts a lot of practice into what he does, and it shows! The amount of times he could easily change his voice to hear a laugh from another cast mate tells you how amazing this man is whether or not the microphone is turned on or off. 

    Ryan brings phenomenal effort and delivery to his work. Every line he records holds an immense power within. As if his voice has taken a character from ink and had them walk right off the script and hop into the world that awaits them- That's how real it feels. His performance makes it feel as if you shifted worlds, as if you're right in the moment by just listening to his voice lines. He never fails to take criticism when necessary, in fact, he takes it for the better engagement of your project. He cares very deeply for a directors visions, and that is something I appreciate. 

    Set aside his voicework, he's a treasure to have around. He's a writer by ink and by heart. Getting to know Ryan was the first click in knowing that he's one of a kind, a friend if you will. He's done amazing things outside of business, and it really comes to show how much human he can bring to your character, but to a friendship. Keep shooting for the stars, Ryan, you already are one. Facts!