Enthusiastic voice actor looking for projects: Big, Little, Indie, N/SFW, Paid, Unpaid, I do it all! I cover a wide vocal range; stop on by and take a listen! Click to learn more about me!

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About NoisyRooster

Hello! I am a former soldier turned farmer, (a real "swords to plowshares" situation) but my biggest passion is talking nonstop, whether or not people want to hear it! I get a kick out of reading for fun, but I really love to read to inform in an engaging, humorous way that people actually want to remember. I have a lot of experience in narrating power point presentations, (Thanks, Uncle Sam) and quite literally entertaining the troops. I take great pride in reading to my kids, and I insist on doing "all the voices" in my attempts to make them laugh their heads off/scare the crap out of them. Whatever the story requires, you know? I'm willing to do or try basically any style or genre in my efforts to broaden my horizons. Life is just too short to stick with one voice. 

Reynolds School of Journalism - 2014

Bachelors of Journalism

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I completed all the course work for my degree in 2009 except for the mandatory unpaid internship, so I joined the Army in order to pay for school, and while a soldier, completed my internship to receive my official degree. 


I'd prefer to use the following guides so I don't undervalue myself or the industry as a whole. Rate estimates can be found here for industry level:

And here for indie projects: Indie Rate Guide (

I am, however, flexible and open to negotiation! Come talk to me and let's work something out! 

What NoisyRooster is looking for

I believe I have a knack for narration in general, by focusing on telling a story rather than simply reading the lines. I'm willing to try just about any type of project, but I have a special interest in video games and narration/advertisements. I joined CCC in the hopes of having someone hear my voice and then want to hear more of it, whatever the context; Self help, education, entertainment...edutainment. Everyone wants to leave their mark on the world in some way, and I want to leave a lasting impression. 

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    It was an absolute privilege to have NoisyRooster as part of my team. He is an extremely talented, professional, friendly, supportive Voice Actor who I can't recommend highly enough!! He has such a fantastic range, and voiced a really difficult character flawlessly! I am very thankful for his participation and to have met him. Please consider him for your project as well.