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I'm Michael, I'm 24 and I'm a budding VO from England. My natural voice has been described as orotund, thick and earthy, and I can perform a variety of British accents and dialects.

My narrative and commercial voice-work primarily relies on my broad West Yorkshire accent although my reach is not so limited, with Lowland Scots and RP accents and dialects adding to my read versatility.

My character work centers around bass-baritone adult male characters, preferably with English, Scottish, Australian or Mid-Atlantic accents.


I have been stage-acting for most of my life, beginning my formal dramatic education at 12 years old. I have participated in productions by such established dramatics organisations as Nottingham New Theatre and West Yorkshire Playhouse.

I have been working in radio for the past year, receiving training with University Radio Nottingham and presenting my periodical late-night music show, Witching Hour, on campus radio. I currently volunteer for hospital radio in Leeds.

I have been voice-acting mainly as a passionate hobby for 2 years, and have participated in a number of mostly unpaid projects, including the acclaimed indie game Dark Passenger and several fan-dubs of comic series such as Batman and The Invisibles.

Other Skills

-Writing: I have been creatively writing as a hobbyist, student and professional for many years, and I am passionate about my work in all fields, including my writing. I have been writing formally as part of my profession for 4 years.

-Proofreading: I have studied History at degree level and have been proofreading as part of my profession for 4 years.


"Among the most reliable and communicative VOs I've had the pleasure of working with on this site"

"An outstanding all-around amateur English talent, with an excellent understanding of the 'common man' character so prevalent in media"


My pricing scheme at this junction of my voice-over venture is very flexible. Mostly, I will be auditioning for free projects to build my aptitude, experience and back catalogue of work.

I will be selective with paid work, only seeking out roles in which I feel my current talents can truly shine and enhance the project, but those who hear any of my work and wish to inquire about any role for their own casting call, paid or otherwise, please feel free to contact me via personal message.


Idea Cabin - Dark Passenger - Various Voices


Casting Calls and Auditons

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