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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hello! My name is Matthew, but you can just call me MatrVincent. I am a voice actor, singer, artist, and (most notably), writer! I want to bring my ideas for stories to life, but I would also like to help bring other people's ideas to life as well, and providing voice acting or helping write with their stories is the best way I can provide that help! I may not be the best voice actor, but I always try to imagine myself as the character I'm voicing, in the situation they need to be in, so I can always attempt believeable performances!

If there's anywhere that you would recognize my username, it would most likely be on YouTube. I've had the alias of MatrVincent ever since around the time of June 2011, via my YouTube account. I went by the account of MatrVincent from then until March 2012, when I closed and switched accounts to provide much more professional content, and to get rid of the... less professional videos. I went by the name of OfficialMatrVincent from then until early 2015, when I switched my alias to MatrVincent - Servicing the Object Community!, which I go by today.

On my account, I am most known for my parody series "BFDI Survivor", a YouTube competition (or camp) series in the style of Survivor, with contestants from an animated reality web show called "Battle for Dream Island" (main division of the Object Community). Users on YouTube signed up to loosely RP as a contestant from the show, and they would compete in challenges via the YouTube PM. The show was originally a simple competition series, but halfway through, I started developing interest in adding a sub-plot to the show, which I ultimately did. Possibly because of this, the show became one of the most popular camps in the Object Community, with its most viewed video having an astounding 500,000 views. Ever since, I've been convinced that my future should be in story-writing, or at the very least, helping others display their ideas for stories to the world. 


I don't do this for money. If you need me, hit me up, and I'll let you know if I think the role's good for me or not. Free of charge!



As I've only done VA work for one project (as of April 6th), I have no testimonials to provide at this current time. However, if you would still like some reference, please contact MegaAnimazing via YouTube or Skype and ask them about MatrVincent! :)

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