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Hey Everyone, Renara Hawke here ^^

I'm a Creator living in England, Specialising in Voicework, Voice acting, and singing (Check out my Youtube channel to hear my work) 

My background is in Film Production, in production and directing role,  however, I have worked both behind and in front of the camera (See Previous work section) 

I am currently finalizing my VA work for Skwywind Voice several Dunmer females.

Please feel free to message me anytime ^^

My discord is RenaraHawke#9107
My Twitter is @RenaraHawke

with love and light
- Ren


If you are looking to hire my services professionally, I usually charge per word on a project.  So at 50p per word of RAW audio, this will make it easier to calculate the over cost as well as cover the amount of time it will take for me to complete your project ^^

If you would like me to also edit my own audio, and/or add any effects, an additional charge may be added which can be discussed privately. 


Current VA Roles:

Pre-Production/Cast in:

Odyssey of the Dragonborn: Torasa Aram (Dunmer)

In production:

 Skywind: Dunnmer females: Darvame Hleran, Dilvene Venim, Dinara Othrelas, Feldrelo Sadri, Galero Andaram, Malven Romori, Morusu Varen, Nartise Arobar, Nevena Ules, Tonas Telvani, Tuveso Beleth, Vedelea Othril, Folsi Thendas.NPC
 Female Townsfolk & Bandits (C1,2,3,4) (January 2016 - Present) 


The Assassin and The Desert: Celaena Saradothin + Narrator - (14th Apr 2021 - ?)

Completed Projects:

 The Assassin and The Pirate Lord - [Original]:  Celaena Saradothin + All other characters. - 

(11th Oct 2020 - 1st Jun 2020)

 Darkest Dungeon - Marvin Seo Journals: Talon Mother: (24th Sept 2020)

 Darkest Dungeon - TCC Journals: Margeret, The Musketeer: (27th Oct 2020)

The Assassin and The Healer: Celaena Saradothin + Narrator - 

(12th Nov 2020 - 27 Jan 2021)

Kaldhiem Audio Drama - Orhaft stoneback (starts @ 29:20)

 Darkest Dungeon Lore - The Ancestor:  Countess of The Crimson Court (29th Mar 2021)

The Legend of Coldread: Season 1: Battle mage Renara Hawke, The Voice, Girl   - (Premiered - 22 June 2021)


Renara is great to work with. She gives clear and concise directions and was willing to answer all my silly questions about what she wanted for the character. :)

Renara was an absolute joy to work with. I've worked with her twice so far on my Darkest Dungeon related content. 

- Rishi Katz

She did an amazing performance as the Talon Mother and again in The Creature Collectors as Margaret. She has a pure dedication and talent to her craft.
That's not even including all the extra work she put in on helping me with the ambience. sound effects, and giving me feedback on my own performance. 

My work would not be as good if it wasn't for her assistance. She is a great person to have on your team and I look forward to working with her again.

- Mattman

I worked alongside Renara on a “Darkest Dungeon”-related project. 

Although our interactions took place entirely via text-based chat, I had an immediate sense of Renara’s dedication to her work, her efficiency, and her overall kindness as a human being. I’d be glad to work with her again!

- BackerVO

Renara was pleasant to work alongside and approachable in our chats. Her work was exceptional and filled the character with a life of its own.


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